Printing Envelopes in Writer

dapictures asked:

Learn to easily print envelopes in, both one-off and from an Excel / Calc spreadsheet. Presented by Category5 [dot] TV


  1. Brilliant, i was just resigning myself to writing out 500 addresses and thought i’d have a quick look on you tube to see if there was an easier way, thank you so much

  2. have spent hours and have now got 701 files when i want only 351. what to do?

  3. Thank you, this was really helpful, I did have a good look around the help screens but couldn’t find out how to print envelopes. Until finding your video my workaround was to copy the address, go into M$ Word and print the envelope from there (much to my distaste).

  4. :) No problem. Glad you like it. We do tutorials like this regularly; you might enjoy my show, which is available online for free at our web site (see the ticker during the video).

  5. stellasinger

    Thank you so so much for posting this video! I can’t tell you how grateful I am!

  6. lucascollaresbarreto

    helped a lot!!! thank u so much!!!!

  7. NP – glad it helped. Don’t forget to check out my show; we do features like this every week. The URL is at the bottom of the video.

  8. Thanks man, that saved me a ton of time.

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