Wholesale Poster Printing: Saving on Print Costs the Easy Way

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Wholesale poster printing comes in a variety of sizes. Some of the most popular sizes, however, are 11” x 17”, 18” x 24”, 24”x36” and 27”x39”. All of these mentioned sizes are commonly printed through offset printing where posters are produced at high-quality for the best possible prices.

Printing nowadays means printing in best possible conditions using the most modern equipments. And with the expertise of most printing companies, you get nothing but premium quality print jobs. This is today’s standard in printing and you can avail of these printing advantages without costing you a fortune.

Where do you save?

Wholesale poster printing is just one among the many print products that gives you quality and cost-effectiveness. Offset poster printing is designed to produce volumes of prints with consistency and accuracy.

The four color-process printing plays a huge role in with poster printing as it provides you with print graphics or images that are bursting with life. Four color printing is the technology that shapes your design with the right shadows and contrasts. It gives images of objects, people, landscapes and everything else with the right dash of color and detail.

With the combination of these technologies, it can even get better as printing companies make production even more efficient. With automated systems, this leaves little room for printing errors. Through this, companies can transfer such benefits to clients, making poster prints available at competitive prices.

Gang Run Posters and Savings

In order for you to truly benefit from poster printing you may want to use and put these ideas to practice so you can get your fill of superior poster prints that fits your budget.

1. Wholesale poster printing means ordering prints for more than a hundred. Less than a hundred poster prints and you would have paid more because these prints are processed through short run printing.

2. Whole poster prints are ganged-up. This means, you’re posters are printed along with other print products that makes it cheaper.

3. Having your wholesale posters ganged-up does not make it of lesser quality. It is the expertise of your printer that you should measure. It is, after all, their quick eyes and hands that run the machines and measure the quality of posters.

4. Poster paper quality should never be compromised. The least you can do is to obtain good quality posters paper stocks that can enhance your prints vibrancy and color purity. 100 lb. Gloss cover stock and 100 lb. Gloss text stock.

5. Both 100 lb. Gloss Cover and 100 lb. Gloss Text are the heavyweights of paper stocks, so you know you have an ideal thickness for your quality stock. A word to the wise, however, you need not request for these specific types of paper since there are professional printing companies who solely use these for poster printing.

6. Cheap wholesale poster printing can be obtained by ordering volumes upon volumes of prints. You can see this in printing quote as each poster or unit cost diminishes significantly as you up your order.

There are plenty of professional poster printing companies out in the market or on the world wide web. There are plenty of printing secrets yet to be revealed on how you can save for your prints, but for now, it is best for you to get in touch with the basics. Save on your wholesale poster printing and know that you deserve nothing less but high-quality and quantity.

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