homemade 3d printer printing a r/c engine

fogassa01 asked:

Printing ar/c engine crankcase, takes 2 hours per side 4 hours total. sealed with cyanoacrylate. More details at homemade3dprinter.blogspot.com


  1. it can only print non functional parts, but one could use the printed part to make a mold then cast wathever material on it, or to use ceramic instead of plaster then fire it up.

  2. Wow great results – this makes the RepRap look like a piece of complete trash.

  3. you are wafusa

  4. Total genius. I’d love to build something like this but I doubt I have the mad skills necessary – even with the tons of good info you provide on your blog.

  5. ey ive been lookin at alot of these 3d printers and alot of the are making rc engine parts I was wondering could you actually use the engine parts? or would they melt or explode?

  6. Well, that’s surprisingly simplistic.

  7. It’s doing that, just water.on this cartridge there is a small hole on top of it, just fill it up with destilled water using a siringe.

  8. On your blog you say that you use a dental plaster and maltodextrin mix, with distilled water instead of ink. What if any modification was needed to make the inkjet dispense water?

  9. Very nice printer! I am impressed with the quality of your homebuilt unit. Very nice detail as well. Awesome.

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  12. exelente tu trabajo muy bueno. me podrias dar mas informacion . gracias.

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  15. 4 hours total, including reloading the powder to do the other side.not the fastest machine , but there is room to improve build time.

  16. do you mean by “four hours later” that that was the time the printer took to print it? or was it like a joke…anyway, how long DID it take?

  17. it depends on what material you use to infiltrade the plaster with, epoxy is the best one.

  18. How sturdy are the objects this machine makes?

  19. Obrigado,
    veja meu blog, la vc vai encontrar mais detalhes.

  20. Essa foi a melhor idéia que eu vi, e até o momento não encontrei outro projeto de impressora 3D na internet.
    Você irá postar mais informações, e o software você aprimorou, como anda a evolução do projeto.
    Parabens pela idéia, inteligencia e criatividade.

  21. Very cool idea

  22. 3D cad models in .stl format.

  23. Man, I’d be too impatient for that to finish.

    Do you use 3D CAD models, or actual molds?

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