The Importance of Pens

maxine greco asked:

Have you every wondered why pens are such popular gifts? Think graduation, new job, special birthday or promotion. The pen is the perfect choice for each occasion. You try to convey a certain polished and professional look in business. You make sure your shoes are shined, and you always want to carry a nice briefcase. You know that your clothing and appearance says a lot about you. Do you realize that every time you have to fill out a form or write down a note the pen you use makes an impression? Pens also make ideal corporate gifts because they can have a company name or logo engraved or silk-screened. They can also be individually monogrammed with your name or initials. Women and men in business will pay attention to the pen they are carrying as well as the jewelry and clothing they are using. They want the overall picture to look professional and well polished. Nothing says ‘re serious about your profession more than a fine writing instrument.

Pens are available in every price range. There are the very inexpensive type that is give always at trade shows and hotels. There are also beautiful pens by Cross for under $25.00 and there are very elegant pens from Mont Blanc that can cost as much as several thousand dollars. There are brands in between such as Waterman, Vantaggio, Waterford, Parker, Sheaffer, Fisher and Movado. You’ll find these pens in a wide array of colors and patterns, as well as the traditional gold and silver tone. Passport cases with a matching pen are one of the most useful of your travel accessories. There are also journals with matching pens and the very handy pad cover with a similar pen. Every time you take out your pen to make a note, you’ll be showing that you’re a professional.

Some pens will be dual purpose. There is a pen from Sheaffer that has a highlighter and a ballpoint in one. Cross-makes a tech-3 pen with a red and black ballpoint, and a pencil. The Movado pen comes in a case with a Movado clock as part of the presentation. This is a really impressive gift set. Cross and Waterman still offer the very traditional pen and pencil gift sets. Accountants and Architects will often request pencils as their usual writing instrument of choice. Crossword puzzles aficionados will write with either a pen or pencil depending on their confidence level. One of the most popular pens to always have available is the Fisher Space Pen. This pen is only four inches long when closed, easily fitting in your pocket, in your discount luggage pocket or in any carry bag. Since it will write in any direction, even upside down, it is especially handy when traveling. Those familiar with the pen know it has traveled a very long distance since it is the pen used by Astronauts on all space flights.

Graduation is the time of new beginnings. Pens are very popular at this time because we all realize the importance of the first impression. Everyone wants the first time employee to look professional and ready for business. Somehow carrying a neon inexpensive pen or a broken pencil will not convey that impression. It doesn’t matter what your credentials are, you need to show you are ready for business. Fine writing instruments are also the perfect gift for your boss for the same reason. Busy executives often have several different pens. A lot of them are collectors and love to purchase the newest of the pens offered. They’ll carry several of them in their pocket and also in their briefcase. There’s nothing worse than having to ask someone else for his or her pen. It shows you are not prepared, and often no one wants to lend to his or her pen for fear they will not get it back. After all, it’s not just a pen; it’s a fine writing instrument.

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