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Since the introduction of the external hard drives, they are becoming more popular and the use of USB external hard drives is increasing for purpose of backup data storage and software. The bandwidth of USB 2.0 is higher that is useful and essential for the peripherals of high speed. The peripherals of high speed can be the DVD & CD drives, removable hard disk drives and the high speed scanners.

The data transfer rate of USB 2.0 reaches up to 480 MB/second. USB 2.0 also provides convenience and ease because it is backward compatible with the devices of previous version of USB version 1.1. Majority of the computers today have the USB 2.0 ports. The USB 1.0 is slower and not better option for effective performance of backup device. Therefore, the external USB drives should be used with USB 2.0. The USB 2.0 port can also be added to the laptop computers if they do not have it.

The USB external hard drives are highly portable and compact, that is why they can be stored and transported easily. They can also be taken away form the sites to protect them from flood, fire or any kind of other disasters. The restore and backup times are also lowered down as the USB 2.0 has data transfer speed of 480 MB/sec. The USB external hard drives give its customers cost effective and efficient solution for data backup in comparison with the other tape drives having the same recording capacity. USB (Universal Serial Bus) is very standardized and common interface for transferring of data that helps to connect the backup devices to the computer systems.

The USB external hard disk drives can easily be connected and disconnected with the computer system without restarting or configuring the system. The operating system of the computer automatically detects the USB external hard drive when it is connected. The USB external hard disc drives have large storage capacity and therefore, they eliminate the need for managing the backup schedule.

The USB external hard drives eliminate the requirement for the cleaning tape as the backup tapes do. The speed of the USB external hard drives is slower than the internal hard drives. USB external hard drives usually do not support the “DMA transfers”. The external drives are little bit bulkier in size when they are compared with the backup tapes. The external USB hard disk drives are very user friendly and also save the operational cost. The backup solutions by the external USB hard disk drives are best and optimum for workgroups, departments of large businesses along with the medium and small enterprises.

The external USB drives provide low cost per Gigabyte of data storage and effective data backup solution for the storage of precious, vital information at a safe offsite. Data backups can be stored on the USB external hard drives and it is easy to move the data by using these drives. By using the external drive the user can restore data form different systems having USB connector.

With the passage of time as the use of internet increased, there was need to store more backup data as the size of the data also increased. So, the use and demand of the external USB drives also increased to store the huge volumes of information and made it available to the internal and the external customers of the company. In this way the data was also protected from viruses and other threats.

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