Usb Memory Sticks: How to Use Memory Sticks to Promote Your Business

Pamela Lund asked:

Buying promotional business giveaways and gifts for your clients and for your employees is often hard to do. The ubiquitous coffee mug remains popular because: 1) Almost everyone drinks coffee or tea or needs a penholder, 2). They are used often and your logo is remembered, and 3) They are cost effective for the information they contain and their longevity of use. A good coffee mug will remain in your clients’ offices and on your employees’ desks for years.

Today, USB flash drives are becoming the next “coffee mug” for certain businesses. Almost everyone uses them at work or at home, they are used until they break, and they are cost effective for the information they can contain.

If you already work in certain technical industries, you may have already received a USB flash drive as a promotional gift. Today, almost everyone uses or needs a USB memory stick or pen for something. Following are just a few examples of how custom USB flash drives can be used to promote your business.

Give personalized USB drives to your traveling employees. Pre-load the drive with basic company information or other information beneficial to your employees. Leave room for presentations and additional data. Each time your employee uses your memory stick, your company’s name is subtly visible.

If your company sponsors a golf tournament or similar event, consider giving each participant a promotional USB flash drive. Many of these events consist of primarily business-to-business marketing, so include your company’s basic information and catalog or other marketing information. Off-site data storage companies should consider this promotional gift a no-brainer. So should any company whose primary clientele consist of computer users who will make an initial purchase that will offset the cost of the custom USB drive. Men and women will equally use and appreciate their promotional USB drive.

Consider giving personalized USB drives as gifts or door prizes to employees who may not have a computer of their own, but who need to be able to store and transport data. Include the employee handbook or other relevant company information. Employment agencies and other businesses who are always hiring will benefit from their custom USB flash drives being seen in libraries and coffeehouses.

Promotional USB drives can be a great way to get your company’s name out there in a classy, user-friendly way. To make the most of your custom USB drives, do not scrimp on the size of the memory. Most users will not use a USB drive with less than 512mb of memory. And do not forget the size of your company’s information that you want to include on the promotional USB drives. This information can take up a sizeable amount of memory. Always leave enough memory on the promotional USB so that the recipient will use the drive.

You want to spend your company’s marketing dollars wisely. Custom USB flash drives may be a good way for your company to get the most bang for their buck. More and more companies and persons are using USB drives in their daily business. Consider your potential custom USB recipient and decide if custom USB flash drives are right for your company’s marketing needs.

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