Promotional Usb Drives: not Just for Techies Anymore

Amber Smith asked:

There used to be a widespread idea that USB drives were used exclusively by computer industry professionals. While that notion was true five years ago, USB drives have become the ubiquitous tech accessory owned by everybody from the CEO to the janitor. And that’s exactly what makes it a great promotional item for just about any event.

Choosing the Best Promotional Items

Every promotional item, whether it’s a cheap notepad or a premium leather bag, should do one thing – get your organization remembered. It might be for a one-time event or as an advertisement for a certain product or service. That’s why you bother to spend the extra money to get the name of your company or organization printed on the item.

Most professionals in the advertising and PR industry agree that the best way to make your organization and your event memorable is to use promotional items that are useful to your target audience. Think about it: whenever they use your event giveaway, they see your organization’s insignia or the event’s logo. On the side of the recipient, it’s a visual reminder of your organization, and it creates ‘good vibes’ because they benefited from it.

In the computing world, little gadget bags and toolkits are common giveaways at conventions. Writing materials and little notepads are often gifts at journalism events. But the best promotional items are those which everyone can use, because then you’ll be worrying less about whether your giveaways will be useful or not.

Why the Promotional USB Drives Are the Best

Just take a quick survey among your friends or the people in your household, and you’ll quickly find out that almost all of them own at least one USB drive. It’s a very common item nowadays as people have realized that they need to bring a lot of personal data with them everywhere they go. That’s one reason why a promotional USB drive would be a great item for your event. You’re assured that everybody who gets one will use it.

USB drives are also the kinds of devices that everybody brings around everywhere. Tech magazines often point out that even corporate executives always have a USB drive handy for small files. That’s the kind of exposure that your organization will get when you use promotional USB drives for giveaways. Just imagine the kind of recall you’ll generate when the recipient – and other people – will see your organization’s logo on a daily basis.

Another big reason why USB drives would make a great promotional item is the cost. They were prohibitively expensive items until about three years ago, but you can now get one at your nearest electronics store for under $10, and even less if you’re buying bulk. Remember that you’ll be buying at least several dozens of your promotional items. USB drives let you minimize overhead while maximizing benefits and utility for the recipients.

In the same vein, it’s also relatively inexpensive to get your organization’s name or event’s details printed on USB drives. Their surfaces are usually made of common materials like plastic or aluminum, so any printer can do the job for you. They’re an easy and accessible way of getting your organization remembered.

For something to be a ‘good’ promotional item, it has to be handy enough for people to use it on a daily basis, and simple-designed enough for your organization’s name to be printed on it. You might not be able to print your entire mission statement on a diminutive promotional USB drive, but it certainly fits that description.

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