The Point of Having an Extra Usb LCD Monitor

Gen Wright asked:

At first glance, perhaps the new USB LCD monitors on the shelf look just like another fanciful technology gadget. It’s pretty to look at, but you are not sure what it’s primary function is, and you don’t see how the device can fit into your life. This is a very common response. After all, we are all bombarded with new, exciting, and interesting lifestyle gadgets quite frequently. So it’s easy to look at another new gadget and come to a false conclusion.

We say false conclusion because obviously, the USB LCD monitor is not just a fanciful looking machine that does little. So what is the point of having an extra USB LCD monitor?

Before we go into that, you have to have a basic understanding of how USB LCD monitors work. The USB monitor is a small display device that you can set on your table or wall, in either landscape or portrait. It will still be able to function when left unplugged. When plugged into a computer or laptop, it can become a secondary monitor. Once you understand this, you will be able to see the various functions that this little device serves.

Displaying slideshows.

When the first USB LCD display device was conceptualized, it was meant to be a digital photo frame. It comes with it’s own built-in memory, so that you can store your most precious digital photos. You can then leave the device on the wall or on your table, and let the slideshow play back by itself. Guests who visit your home or office will be able to enjoy the photos without having to flip through thick books of dusty photo albums. You can also create a nice ambience by having some soft MP3 music play in the background as the slideshow is being displayed.

Displaying important daily information.

One of the key features of the USB LCD monitor is that it can be used as a secondary monitor. In other words, you can use it to display information from your PC in another location. For example, if you have a USB LCD monitor in your office, you can hang it in the meeting room. It can display important information like weather, stock exchange, oil prices, etc. So while you are having meetings, you can glance over to the LCD monitor to keep track of the changes. Another example use is displaying an IM client on the secondary display, and have it dedicated to communicating with others.

Travel companion.

Because of its size (about 7 inches), it is the perfect travel companion. You can bring it along with you while you travel, and it can run without your laptop or desktop. This means that the gadget is extremely useful if you want to travel light. For instance, you may be going on vacation and you don’t want to bring your work with you, so you leave your computers behind. Using the USB LCD monitor, you can always slot in your external memory card (from your digital cameras) and view the photos that you have taken.

Given the above functions, maybe it’s worth it to take a second look at the USB LCD monitor. You may just want to grab one off the shelves, since it’s reasonably priced at around $200.

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