Google Checkout, the New Service by Google on Online Shopping asked:

What’s Google Checkout?

Google Checkout is a new service from the current online shopping is beset by problems from the start. For example, right now in this way users connect to the Internet, such as Amazon Shopping and Yahoo Shopping auction sites such as using online auction that is quite a number of people up. But in fact all online purchases as a percentage of use, how? Forrester Research of the United States Borrow and data, statistics, in 2006 the ratio of online shopping is only just 8%, Google is the cause of “independent shopping site every settlement system”, “shopping cart check-out time-consuming Ross cumbersome and time, “Stanley said. In other words, shopping sites vary in a single transaction-intensive process to a common login ID and password immediately even if shopping is complete – this is one way of solving the problem.

And Google, the payment systems also provide another analysis programs. That is, users of online shopping, so 37 percent from the first shopping search process that we started. The further 25%, as it results from a shopping site for shopping on the move. If Internet search and shopping site possibly linked to the system, which has become a big business.

That means Google Checkout is a simplified purchasing process and search operations in and provides a one-stop of thing.

Google account unify the shopping process

As already mentioned, the site provides a shopping cart and the shopping is independent of the payment system, payment necessary to enter personal information and account / shopping history is that individual users need to be aware of. Distributed management of the account is cumbersome, as well as personal information leakage current problems seen in the user’s security is beset with anxiety. Google Checkout provides centralized management of account information, check out when shopping sites, such as Google when I need only sign a settlement can be completed. Google side and all credit card information is managed for the account of the risk of leakage or misuse of information is distributed when compared to the previous decrease it. Also, a shopping cart through the history of all Google account can be listed, purchases and shopping site’s progress (or cancel already been shipped, etc.) can be sequential verification.

Actually look at the purchase process. First, as usual shopping purchases made at the site trying to check out the account information fields appear on the page. If an account with Google, Google Checkout information required to register if made, simply enter your ID and password to complete the purchase process alone. Have to account, even if the field to create a Google account and are available for purchase. If shopping site until Google account to login and if the state, particularly the need to enter any information without a “buy” button to complete the work alone.

Google Checkout user benefits, and have a Google Account, and the shopping site support if the purchase can be simplified almost to the point of the process. To unify and credit card account information, such as an important mechanism to prevent leakage of personal information, online shopping safer to enjoy.

Results geared to attract new customers and to aim up effect

Simple user side and the security services, as well as a shopping site on the part of merchants, the effect of higher than expected number of customers to their services. Specifically, the Google search results come out in the text of sponsored links to Google Checkout interlocking parts and shopping site from the search results directly to the Direct-guided shopping cart.

For example, Google search “speaker” and enter the keyword search results, usually the “speaker” relevant search results are listed by the same time, and right at the top of the page area, “speaker” related sponsor displays text ads. If this site is sponsored Google Checkout-enabled shopping site had been prepared, the sponsor of the ad part of the shopping cart icon on the display, users simply click on the shopping cart scene to give you guidance. Accordingly, the effect of advertising to attract new customers from the aim to increase.

Google Checkout, a shopping site’s tools are also available on the user’s shopping lists and can check, credit card processing to accounting and processing status of the background check process and makes it easier to.

One of the points here is a shopping site Google Checkout transaction fees when using the system. Google, the purchase fee per individual shopping process “Product 2% +0.2 amount of dollars” to set up a plan. Also, if a shopping site via Google AdWords text ads in the media and on the fees to be free (AdWords ad sales charges to submit more than 10 times). Some media reports, the initial fee will be provided free of charge to the information and later rival PayPal payment systems, such as compared to affordably seem to be setting.

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