Billy D Washington Killer Comedy From the Smoothest Man in Comedy

Mark Doyle asked:

“Talent, talented and more talent” is how the CBS news series ’48 hours’ has described Billy D. Washington. Billy D is one national touring headliner you do not want to miss. He has spent years developing his unique style and it shows. His show flows from one hilarious observation to a snappy punch line so smoothly, it is easy to see why he has been called the smoothest man in comedy. He makes the difficult art form of stand up comedy, look easy because he is a master.

He is equality comfortable sitting at a grand piano in a theater, as he is with a single microphone in a smoky comedy club. Billy is a witty, philosophical, piano-playing comedian, who works as a nationally recognized headliner. “It’s weird” Billy muses in a recent newspaper article, “After my shows even though people have laughed their hearts out all night, they ask me why am I not doing something else”?

Billy is not only talented musically, he possesses an incredible ability to create cleverly constructed jokes and improvise obscure audience situations. After an hour of this poetic and intelligent banter, people often wonder why they haven’t heard more of him. He is “funnier than famous” and one of the most sought after comedians in the country, if you don’t believe it…ask Ms. Aretha Franklin.

After opening one of her concerts in November 2000, Aretha was so impressed that she requested Billy to do tour dates from that day forward, he has been the opening act for Aretha Franklin since then.

Billy D was one of the original VH-1 V-jays. In 1998 after several stimulating comedy sets at HBO’s Aspen Comedy Festival, Billy was hired by VH-1 network to host several of their programs. These programs included, The Michael Jackson Music Video Collection, The History of Music Video A-Z and a daily slot hosting the video music show.

Billy has been most recently featured on comedy Central’s Premium Blend and has had numerous television appearances including HBO, Fox, NBC, CBS and Last Comic Standing. He is one of the most sought after comedians in the country for corporate and private functions.

His incredible talent on the key boards and stand up comedy is something you do not want to miss. When Billy D Washington comes to your city make a special effort to get tickets. If you like pure talent you will not be disappointed and his closing bit will send a shiver down your spine.

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