Learn How to Stop Computer Freezing Problems For Free

Kelly Purden asked:

There are times when computers can behave badly. You can experience computer crashing; computer freezing and computer system can run slow. These problems are normal for any computer system today whether you like it or not. Some problems can be recognizable while others are just difficult to figure out. However, you have to try to identify want causes the problem such as computer freezing and crashing to be able to solve it properly.

Every time your computer does not succeed in responding, there is a huge probability that your computer is experiencing a problem. Computer freezing can also happen when the computer is active doing different tasks. There are times when the computer suddenly stops while saving a certain file during printing. You can try checking out the power cable if the computer screen is blank. However, there are latest computer models that have a feature wherein the screen blanks out automatically in order to save energy. Just press on keys to make the computer screen return to normal.

You can experience computer freezing due to cable disconnections. It is important to check first before making any actions. Then, you can try pressing the ‘Esc’ key if your connections are fine but still having an unresponsive computer. If computer freezing still exists, try pressing ‘Ctrl’, ‘Alt’ and ‘Del’ keys altogether. The combination of these keys lets the computer to warm boot or to restart in those DOS days. This combination has a different usage in the Windows operating system. The Close Programs box with the list of the current running programs will be presented when the ‘Ctrl’, ‘Alt’ and ‘Del’ keys are pressed. The ‘not responding’ script will then appear if Windows find any unnecessary programs. Highlight the said program name and then press the ‘End Task’. Better to save whatever data you are working on for it might be affected with the process. Using the ‘Ctrl ‘+ ‘Alt’ + ‘Del’ task is another choice to be able to restart your computer as the last resort.

‘Ctrl’ + ‘Alt’ + ‘Del’ combination is used differently in Windows XP. ‘Windows Task Manager’ screen will appear when these buttons are pressed. To see the recent running programs, just click the application Tab.

There are certain times wherein Windows Task Manager Box or Close Program Box suddenly stops unexpectedly. All you need to do when this happens is a computer restart. You can press the restart button if your computer has one and if not, just turn off your computer. Then turn it on again after a few minutes. You need to wait for a several minutes before turning the computer on to allow the components to stop completely before the system restarts. Before attempting to turn off your computer, make sure you have saved any data. Although there is an AutoSave feature in most programs, it is still difficult to depend on it.

It is important to be aware of spyware and viruses that may cause compute freezing. Scanning your computer is a good idea to know the real cause of the problem.

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