Purchasing the Best Beach Backpacks for Kids

Mark Jordan asked:

Summer is approaching quicker than you think and you may be going to head off to the beach for a family vacation with your kids.  It is never too early to plan a summer vacation.  Something you will most likely need are beach backpacks for kids.  For kids, a backpack is a very handy accessory that can carry just about everything they will need for a day trip or even a weekend, from clothes to toiletries and ipods to hats, jackets, toys and books.  As well, having a backpack to lug supplies down to the beach area is very handy, whether you are a toddler, young kid, parent or teen.

The type of kid’s beach backpacks you need depend on the ages and sizes of your children, as well as what you, or they, need the backpack for.  A beach trip is one of the funniest trips a kid can go on, but there are considerations not found on other types of trips where backpacks are used.  A beach trip usually involves more sand, sun, salty air and salt water. 

You may want a functional kids beach backpack for the carrying of clothes and sundries or you may want to buy one that can carry items such as food and water bottles. As well you can find combined backpacks that have a separate removable section for clothes and one for food or drink.  Also popular are beach backpacks for little kids that are used to carry all of their sand toys.  You can tell there are a variety of backpacks to think about depending on the needs or ages of the kids.

One thing to look for is the ability of the beach backpack to be waterproof.  These are not the easiest bags to find for older kids and shopping online seems to offer the best choice in this variety.  One popular older kid’s beach backpack is divided into two sections. The top mesh section is for holding clothes and towels, and the bottom insulated section acts like a cooler for food or drink. 

You are going to want separate compartments in any older kids beach backpack since this will help keep items like hair products or suntan lotion away from clothing or towels.  As well make sure the exterior is made of nylon or some heavier waterproof fabric.  A denim bag would not be very good against water of course.  Most kids beach backpacks are designed to have a drawstring top, be lightweight and have just a few separate areas for keeping a towel, money, suntan lotion, maybe a hat or book, and very little else.  Beach backpacks are not as large or cumbersome as school or camping ones.  Most beach backpacks are for one day trips down to the sand area and that is about all.

For little tikes there are a variety of kid’s beach backpacks for carrying toys.  Most seem to be clear plastic with some colorful designs or stitching.  They usually are light since the toys are all plastic.  These types of backpacks may come with little sand molds, buckets, plastic tools, and scoops.  These beach backpacks for kids are not meant to carry anything but toys.  They are good because they are fairly water proof and can tolerate sand well.  You simply have to rinse your child’s toys in the water and stuff them back in the bag, ready to use the next day.  You can never get rid of all the sand accumulated from a day at the beach, so these backpacks work well to keep all of the sandy toys together.  They are also light enough that little kids can carry them, even though the shoulder straps are sometimes non existent or not comfortable.

There is nothing keeping you from being creative and using these clear beach backpacks for clothes.  There are also larger kids clear school backpacks which can be used as dedicated beach backpacks instead.

A beach backpack for kids would make the perfect gift for the child that you know goes to the beach on occasion, or your own kid.  Having been to the beach many times with kids myself I can attest that they do come in very handy and make things so much easier to carry items and keep them out of the sand.  You may want one for each kid plus yourself, so everyone can carry some of their own beach gear.

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