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Steve McMains asked:

Music magazines have been known to be useful source of music related information and news for years. Music magazines cover various aspects of music industry and keep their readers informed on different issues. Latest releases, new albums, awards, music charts, regional numbers, singers, artists, lyricists, composers, instrumentalists and many more topics are generally covered on music magazines.

Some of the music magazines have launched websites to help their readers find music news and updates online as well. This is definitely a flexible way of providing information. Websites are accessible from anywhere any time. Hence, you can log on to your online music magazine anytime to find latest music news.

One may ask that when the same information is available on music TV channels, why should one log on to music news websites? The reason is simple: music websites are more flexible than television channels.

When you watch a music channel you have to depend on the presenter. You have to wait for your favorite song to be played on screen. Moreover, you have to stand by commercials and sometimes unnecessary talks of the host. If the host chooses to repeat a song, you have to go with her choice. Annoying!

Now, when you log on to an online music magazine, you have plenty of options. You can go through music charts, archives, listen to your favorite music tracks, watch music videos, pause, stop, fast forward or rewind the tracks as you wish and replay them as many times as you want. Flexible!

Apart from publishing music charts, music magazine websites provide information about music industry, artists, composers, lyricists and others. The archives are searchable. All music video albums are posted in suitable categories. You can search the archive by artist, by composers, by lyricists, by the name of the movie in case the song is from a popular movie or by the first few words of the song.

There are topical music magazines as well. If you are looking for Latin music videos you should look for Latin music websites. Similarly, when you are looking for French songs, you may log on to a French music website to find recent French music releases.

So, if you love to watch music videos and do not want to miss any of the recent releases, subscribe to music magazine or log on to music magazine and news websites. These are more flexible source of information than traditional media. Keep watching music charts, look at the popular numbers, search the archive and watch the music video that you want.

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