Nonprofit Fundraising – Unique Fundraising Product Ideas

Stanley Gallor asked:

Nonprofit organizations need fund. Apart from sponsorship, donations and governmental aid nonprofit fundraising is the other way to increase organizational fund. A lot of nonprofit groups, communities and organizations appoint fundraising coordinator. The job of a fundraising coordinator is to help the group increase and raise fund.

Fundraising coordinators keep looking for fundraising ideas and products all the day, even when they are spending time in leisure. The job is certainly difficult and stressful but not impossible to achieve.

If you search the web, you will find a lot of fundraising products but you cannot use just any product for your group. Points that you need to concentrate on while choosing nonprofit fundraising product are:

• The product must go with the culture of your group

• It should be unique so that everybody likes it

• It should have the potential to become popular

• The product must fetch good amount of money

• It should not take much time to sell

With that said, let’s learn how to select nonprofit fundraising campaigns that brings you ultimate benefit.

The product should go with the theme of your group:

The product should go with the theme and culture of your community. That’s a good point definitely. Rest assured that most fundraising ideas and products are quite sober and nice. However, if you are nearing to any social occasion or event, you can choose a suitable fundraiser accordingly. Christmas cards, New Year cards, scented candles or Halloween masks are some of the seasonal fundraising products that may sell well.

Unique fundraising ideas, products or events:

Unique products become popular easily and it becomes easy for your volunteers to sell these products. To get unique fundraising ideas, you may consider talking to fundraising professionals and experts. Unique fundraisers not only help you raise fund fast but let you create a brand as well.

Popularity quotient of the fundraiser:

When you select a nonprofit fundraising product, make sure it has the potential to become popular. If you decide to sell Christmas cards in the month of February, chances are you will get a poor response! So be realistic while selecting fundraising product.

Try to address the issues that we all face everyday; for example, we all need to clean the sides of fridge at home. Why not sell a fridge frame! It will keep the fridge clean and allow the buyer to display family photographs as well.

Fundraising product should fetch good money:

Make sure you do not need to invest a lot on the fundraiser. Calculate the profit margin before finalizing your nonprofit fundraiser. Know the cost of the fundraiser and per unit price at which you would sell it. Then calculate the return over investment. You should always look for 50% to 55% profit.

Time factor:

Make sure the fundraising idea can fetch you good money in short time. If you need fund before a specific event, you need to raise fund fast.

Just keep these points in mind while choosing a fundraiser for your community or group. Consult nonprofit fundraising professionals for more help.

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