Canvas – Printing and Framing – part 1 of 2

snowmonkey81455 asked:

Learn how to print and frame your favorite photos using an HP PhotoSmart Pro B9180 Printer


  1. Great, thanks found this helpfull, Roy UK

  2. snowmonkey81455

    On average you can get about 60 13×19 prints from a set of cartridges. Keep in mind that each color has a separate cartridge so you’ll be replacing some colors more often or less often than others – depending on which colors you use the most of.

  3. Hi again,
    can you tell me how many 13×19 color photo prints you can get out of the 8 ink set until you have to replace all ink sets?

  4. hi
    what kind of canvas did you use whit this printer?
    and where can i buy?

  5. snowmonkey81455

    Hi – thanks for your comment and question!
    I used a 5 mega pixel digital camera, edited the photo with Adobe Photoshop Elements and printed it on the HP Photosmart B9180 printer. – Ron

  6. very usefull video. i’m an enthusiast photographer and just bought the B9180. what type of camera did you use to print 13×19.

  7. thanks this helps alot .

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