The Best Home Security Systems: Making Your Home A Fortress

Elijah James asked:

ADT Security Systems provide families and businesses throughout North America with the confidence and security that comes with knowing their lives and goods are safe.

In these trying economic times, property and personal crimes are sure to rise, threatening the safety of yourself and your family. Having the Best Home Security System provides the means to make your home safe from all threats.

They are a division of Tyco International, and its system covers a variety of safety and security needs, such as: fire detection, public address and voice alarm, access control systems, CCTV (Close Circuit Television), care communications, electronic article surveillance, building management systems and alarm monitoring, security systems service and maintenance.

When choosing the best home security system, homeowners should consider response time, ease of use, monthly fees and professional reliability. ADT excel in all four fields.

They offer near instantaneous contact with law enforcement when a security alarm is activated. It maintains a full network of interconnected customer monitoring centers throughout the country, and can notify both you and the police department of any breach, so that your home is constantly protected. Its large number of home security alarm monitoring centers provide extra coverage. If communication with one home monitoring center is interrupted, the other centers takes over quickly, giving them the ability to offer continuous security through the company’s advanced alarm monitoring service – providing clients with increased safety and peace of mind.

A keychain remote lets clients arm and disarm with a touch of a button. This simple device is easy for all members of the family to understand and use. Also easy to use, is the touch keypad that controls the security system you chose.

Buying the Best Home Security System can be very affordable, and may help you save up to 20 percent on your homeowner’s insurance.

ADT Security Systems professional reputation is beyond compare. They are the most respected brand name in the business, and the company has been around for more than 100 years.

They also pride themselves on getting to know the individual needs of its customers. They build these personal relationships to better offer solutions on how to help protect clients’ employees, assets, and the clients themselves. Their experts also can recognize ways to increase the efficiency of your business operations. Once they get to know your company, the company can choose from a wide range of products and services to help you meet your needs.

To better get to know you, a free risk assessment to prospective clients is offered. A professional will respond to all risk assessment calls and offer an evaluation of where you are vulnerable and what you will need.

In short, ADT offer the Best Home Security System on the market and are a tested, proven brand you and your family can trust to ensure the security of your home. They account for 69 percent of home security business in North America and the company has seven monitoring stations, five in the United States and two in Canada. For a safe secure option for your home and family Tyco/ADT are the best in the world.

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