Works of a Security Guard Officer: the Protector

Tyler Moon asked:

One has always imagined a security guard as someone who is uniformed, who stands guard all day in schools, offices and other related establishments for the safety of those people who are working inside those premises or going in and out of those buildings. These security guards provide a sort of visual warning to any possible threat of crime. Much like a security camera, a security guard can prevent the event of a planned crime from happening by simply being present in a building.

A security guard is considered to be the underdog of the security industry. People have the impression that a security guard is more of an unsung hero and less of an action hero, annoying the visitors with their presence and greeting the visitors with suspicious stares. This is very true for some, but what they do not know is that the security guard is a building or establishment’s only line of defense in the event of a crime. Security cameras only act as evidences to the crime, but security guards are the real time defense to stop a crime. Here lies the importance of choosing the right security agency, which can provide you with the right guards.

Previously, these security jobs were considered to lowly jobs, but now more and more people are seeing a different picture of the security guard. Crimes are never promised to disappear and the simplest of crime such as harassment will require the mediation of a security guard. More than acting as a protector of an establishment, a security guard also assists visitors of the establishments in the absence of any information center. But these are just some of the real work that security guards do that are visible to the public.

Job of a Security guard

As mentioned earlier, security guards scan visitors, give assistance to visitors and direct them to proper areas. Basically, a security guard will need to have a good photographic memory. To effectively monitor the guests and visitors that come and go, he cannot rely on security cameras and instead must rely on his own ability to recognize faces in real-time.

Throughout his duty as security guard, he will have to abide by the laws of the establishment or building he is serving. This is his duty to primarily serve his employer and enforce regulations to maintain order at the establishment or public event that he is working at.

The security guard of an establishment also has job functions other than standing guard at the entrance of an establishment. A security guard can instead be assigned in patrol of areas that is considered either a hazard or is private from the public eye. Patrol of areas can also due to its protection from vandalism, fire and theft.

A security guard’s job is not static in a place. A security guard may be assigned to man armored trucks and vans that deliver cash and valuables to the bank, atm machines and retail customers or partners.

Lastly, a security guard must ensure that all the safety procedures are followed in case of emergencies like fire alarm and bomb threat.

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