The World of Warcraft Prices you Need to Pay to Play, are Well Worth it

Muna wa Wanjiru asked:

Many seem to be put off by the fact that if they want to play World of Warcraft, they will have to pay for the privilege. This has turned away more than one potential World of Warcraft gamer, but as the more than 8 million other gamers can attest, the World of Warcraft prices you need to pay to play, are well worth it.

If however you find that you are not interested in paying the World of Warcraft prices without first knowing what you are getting yourself into, you have the choice of downloading a World of Warcraft trial version. You will be able to play this trial version free, for a period of ten days, and it is available through the World of Warcraft website.

There is however no need to be put off by the World of Warcraft prices as they are quite reasonable and will give you all the access you need to the World of Warcraft. The World of Warcraft prices structure starts with the purchase of the official World of Warcraft software game package.

Although in the early days of its release World of Warcraft prices for the game software were somewhere in the region of $50 (that’s United States dollars), it has since dropped down to a more manageable $20, or thereabouts, price tag.

The monthly World of Warcraft prices for an account, you will find is somewhere in the range of $13-15 for North America. World of Warcraft prices in other parts of the world vary accordingly and depending where you find yourself you could pay as low as $0.50 for a day (North America), or as high as (approximately) $1.40 in some countries (Eastern Asia).

Not everyone will want to pay even such low World of Warcraft prices though, as many people simply don’t have the time or the inclination to play World of Warcraft all day long, every day. Unfortunately the shortest time period which can be purchased is one month’s (30 days) worth of game time.

This in itself can help as you can spread the cost of playing World of Warcraft through many months if you don’t play that often. World of Warcraft prices for the Burning Crusade expansion pack are also considered to be reasonable, with the game software retailing for somewhere in the region of $40.

And this only due to the fact that the release of the expansion was carried out only a few months previously in January of 2007. There is no doubt that as with other World of Warcraft prices, the Burning Crusade expansion pack prices will also fall to a more reasonable level.

And if you’re interested in board games over video games you will find World of Warcraft prices for the World of Warcraft Board Game are also very reasonable. They are retailed at $80 per game and give you more than enough value for money.

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