The Status of World of Warcraft Characters

Amelie Mag asked:

Reputation can be important, even in an online game. World of Warcraft characters know this firsthand. One of the unique aspects of the game World of Warcraft are the different factions scattered throughout the game. Depending on how friendly and helpful you can be, their attitude can change drastically toward you. Playing on a World of Warcraft account can seem difficult at times and diplomacy can seem like just one more chore. There are a few tricks that can be used to make sure everything goes smoothly, though. And, with a little work, there are some great benefits to be had.

A character in a World of Warcraft account is allied in one of two camps, the Horde or the Alliance. Within these groups, though, there are a large number of different factions, some of which may not necessarily like the character. Others may not like how friendly the character is with another faction. They may be hostile because of it or simply not helpful when those types of World of Warcraft characters ask for directions. Changing your reputation with those groups should be a prime goal, especially since may of these groups offer quests and other options when World of Warcraft characters make friends with them.

One of the most prized gifts that World of Warcraft characters can receive with when they have a good enough faction reputation are the faction’s steeds. Each race has a unique steed available to buy when they reach a certain level. Having a World of Warcraft account that has an epic mount, or even an epic flying mount, gives the player a good deal of bragging rights. In order to buy the mount that another race typically reserves for its own World of Warcraft characters, however, brings even more. It’s a physical symbol of the amount of work a player has put into their character, a badge of sorts.

Gaining that type of reputation for the characters on your World of Warcraft account may not be easy, though. Doing so requires reaching the highest level of reputation with a faction, an achievement that may require hours of work. Typically certain quests done by World of Warcraft characters affect certain faction’s reputation for good and for bad. What one faction likes, may not be so pleasing to another one. What is more, the actions done by World of Warcraft characters in one area, like killing a goblin in one town, may have an impact on creatures who sympathize with them. In can seem like a big mess.

That’s no reason to turn off your World of Warcraft account, though. It’s all part of a complex and multilayered game, part of the reason it is so fun in the first place. At any rate, none of this diplomacy is strictly required, the game universe is so vast, what your World of Warcraft account gives you is so large, that a small spat in one part of the world really isn’t that big of a deal.

Overall, reputation is a great part of the game, and something that makes a World of Warcraft account a thing worth having. Few games go to the level of detail that World of Warcraft does, and it shows.

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