Polaris World: Heaven for Avid Golfers

Brittney Jackeline asked:

For people who eat drink, sleep and even breathe golf, Polaris World is the ultimate destination. Situated in Spain, Polaris World is made up of a number of golf resorts and is considered the last word in luxurious living. Apart from having immaculate golf courses, this place is adorned with resorts for non-golf lovers as well, but its main attraction still lies in housing the world’s best golf courses.

Polaris World has a total of nine world class golf resorts, and more are in the pipeline. These golf courses have been specially designed by Jack Nicklaus, one of the world’s best and most famous golfers in the history of the game. He has now earned immense renown and fame as a golf course designer. He has designed golf courses in different countries all over the world.

The golf courses certainly are the star attraction of Polaris World, but there is lot in store for people who have interests other than golf. The entire place is dotted with various other resorts that provide a beautiful haven for tourists. Be it beaches, Spanish villas, hotels, holiday apartments and even penthouses, Polaris World has it all.

It certainly is a golfer’s delight. One can spend an entire day on the lush green, well trimmed and admirably maintained golf course. The golf resorts at Polaris World are endowed with all facilities, and cater to the comfort and luxury of all the people. It is equipped with facilities like restaurants, bars, spas, health centres, hotels and even shops that sell local and other merchandise. In short, Polaris World has everything possible to pamper the senses of the visitors.

Polaris World offers a fresh and welcome break for people caught up in the daily monotony. It also brings to life the golfer in you, and for those unfamiliar with the game, this is the perfect place to begin discovering the game of golf.

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