Printing Estimates: What and How Much Goes to your Print Jobs

Abejuela Jennifer asked:

Your printing estimates are the closest amount you can get to before the final sum of your printing project is presented to you. Printing estimates work to give you an idea how much it would cost you for your printing project, without you committing to an order.

Printing estimates are given for free by online printing companies. You can a printing quote in four easy ways:

1. You can go online and enter the specifications you want for your product, and a price generator will automatically process this and give you a figure.

2. You can go online and check the price list for the product you want. The price list contain different specifications, again, for the materials used for it.

3. You can call the printing office or contact any of the customer representatives.

4. You can send an email to the printing company describing your printing project.

If it isn’t your first time to have a design printed, you know just how invaluable printing estimates are. They give you a round solid figure to work with, given the plus and minuses, in order for you to realize or achieve your printing project.

Printing estimates gives you a reality check and what you truly can afford for your money and which ones you can’t.

Given too the specifications you gave your printer, you can try adjusting different specifications for you to be able to get the target budget you have within the printing estimate.

Printing estimates is a practical and factual figure based on specifications which include:

• Card or paper stock

• Size

• Quantity of prints ordered

• Turnaround time

• And color options

Multi-page prints like newsletters, catalogs and calendars include other details such as:

• Binding

• Number of Pages

• Card or Paper stock for the cover pages

• And hole drilling for calendars

Printing Estimates and Custom Printing

Printing estimates may change for a number of reasons. This, of course, does not change drastically nor without your knowledge. Printing costs, once again, gives you a detailed breakdown on just how much every bit of process or material goes into your print project.

Custom printing changes the printing estimate because it involves a different calculation, for prints which have a different paper stock, size, volume and even color options not present on the site.

You should be aware that when your printing design does not meet the standard options available, it will automatically be subjected to custom printing. Other than this, you may have a design which needs other processes aside from offset printing and four color process printing.

Some people do not know that their print design, whether it is business cards, postcards, flyers or brochures, may need what is called spot coloring. Your print design which are done in CMYK may demand a color that is out of the range of four color process printing.

This means that four color printing cannot accurately imitate or copy the color you want. Instead, a Pantone color must be used in order to retain the color you really want. This is an added cost for Pantone colors must be bought in order to process your prints.

Other than this, there are thousands of Pantone colors in the market, such that, printers will solely use the ink for your prints. Why? Because it is highly unlikely that anyone else would find use for that particular ink and it will it even be enough?

Printing estimates are not some trap to bait customers. It is not some sort of trickery for you to commit to an order. Rather, it is an indispensable and customer-friendly approach for you to know everything about your print job. Get a trusty printing company and get the printing estimates you need.

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