Motivational Humorous Speakers Bring More Than Laughs!

Kathleen Chester asked:

If you are considering hiring a speaker for your next meeting or event, consider hiring a motivational humorous speaker. You can find s reputable motivational humorous speaker by using any of the most popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Most motivational humorous speakers will have a web site with video clips highlighting their style, content and overall general personality. Most of the site will list the speakers past clients, current engagements and pricing structure. as well as a pre-program questionnaire.

The pre-program questionnaire is the engine the drives the personalized content of the motivational humorous speakers program. You will want to ask the speaker if he/she intends to provide you with a program the offers high content coupled with capturing the look, feel and cultural aspects of your association or organization.

You should also ask the motivational huMotivational Humorous Speakers Bring More Than Laughs!morous speaker if he/she has done similar programs for clients like you. The speaker should also be a member of the National Speakers Association and/or the International Federation of Professional Speakers. These two organizations require their members to attain certain professional requirements in order to join. Usually the members have had to speak a minimum of 20 times for fee before they can join.

But the keys questions to ask a motivational humorous speaker before you hire them is what makes them unique and effective for your organization. Most motivational humorous speakers have a person story and message that they will impart and share with the audience. The motivational humorous speaker will then add a comedic or humorous tone to the message and customize it to your organization or association.

Meeting planners and individuals the hire motivational humorous speakers realize that most employees are hyper-stressed today and want to add some humor and motivational to their next meeting in order to impart a serious message.

If you utilize the suggestions provided on how motivational humorous speakers can add value to your next meeting or event you will ensure that the speaker meets your needs and delights the audience


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