10 Tips to Look for when Buying from a General Merchandise Wholesale Supplier

DPJ Wholesale asked:

1. They keep an updated inventory. Trends change constantly. Look for a wholesale supplier you entrust to keep up with these changing trends, with new, hot selling products.

2. They do not only sell the entire case. Sometimes you may not need an entire case of the same merchandise. Look for a wholesale supplier that lets you buy smaller lots of multiple products for your order. This way you can control your inventory better and have a larger variety of products to sell.

3. They find good shipping rates. Shipping costs can quickly cut into your profit. Look for a wholesale supplier who will work with you to get the lowest shipping rates possible.

4. They are easy to communicate with. Communication is key. Look for a wholesale supplier who will answer your questions in a timely manner.

5. They import direct. The more time the merchandise changes hands the higher the cost of the merchandise. Look for a wholesale supplier who imports directly from the manufacture.

6. They make it convenient to order. Ordering should be easy. Look for a wholesale supplier who gives you different options to order, online, phone or email.

7. They have the merchandise in their warehouse and it is ready to ship out. When you place and order, you want a fast turnaround time for delivery so you can have your merchandise to sell. Look for a wholesale supplier who has inventory in stock and ready to ship out within one business day.

8. They don’t have a lot of overhead. A companies over head can increase the cost of the merchandise for you, which will cut into your profit. Look for a wholesale supplier who does not have a high street presence, large showrooms and a large sales force.

9. They have a good variety of merchandise. It can save you on shipping costs when ordering different merchandise from the same wholesale supplier because there is only one shipping charge. Look for a wholesale supplier who has a good variety of general merchandise.

10. They have excellent customer service. Life is too short. Look for a wholesale supplier you enjoying working with.

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