Fake Reviewers of Montblanc Pens

Kelly Wright asked:

Can you believe that somebody can post a fake Mont Blanc pen review? Why does anybody would want to do that? And what may be the purpose for such review to appear on public websites?

All right, I will do my best to answer these questions because I have reasons to think that it never occurred to some of you that fake Mont Blanc pen reviews pop up on the web like corks.

As you may know, Mont Blanc pens aren’t of the cheapest, especially fountain pens series (and I’m not talking about Limited Editions some models of which can easily be priced over $10,000; yes that’s ten thousands dollars for a Mont Blanc fountain pen LE, I put all the zeroes correctly). Thus it is obvious that some people pretending to write a Mont Blanc pen review, actually never had a chance to hold the reviewed pen. Now what do you think can be written in a review by the author who never held the fountain pen in concern?

To avoid such Mont Blanc pen reviews, I advise you to consider the following steps of precautions. They are very easy to stick to, and won’t cost you a dime.

First, for Mont Blanc pen reviews written by real owners of real pens, head over to highly popular specialized forums visited by lots of pen collectors. Among such I can name just a couple – fountainpennetwork.com and jetpens.com (the former has a separate section for Mont Blanc pen reviews), but there are at least a dozen of respectable communities presented online.

Second, I’d suggest you consider visiting leading shopping resources like Amazon and eBay. Because they sell MB pens to many countries over the world, you have a good chance to come across several reviews for one and same Mont Blanc pen.

A word a caution: if you ever happen to come across, say, a WordPress blog with simple minimalistic design and some barely readable piece of text with artificially inserted words like “discount mont blanc pens’, be sure it is a splog with scraped content. It has no value and has nothing to do with human pen reviewers.

Usually pen owners running blogs have photos of their pens. When we speak about Mont Blanc pen reviews, almost every happy owner will post a picture of the writing asset (consider MB price!) to prove the ownership.

Also, I’d like to point out that owners of Mont Blanc pens usualy have other fountain pens in their possession as well. This is because to-be collectors don’t feel quite sure about spending a small fortune (sometimes not-so-small) on their first fine writing instrument. Fine fountain pens are bought by people with certain taste and previous experience in collecting pens. Therefore expect to find other pen described, apart from a single Mont Blanc pen review.

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