Promo Pens – All Time Hit Promotional Gifts

Gareth Parkin asked:

Promo pens are all-time successful promotional gifts. They succeed in winning the hearts of all customers; hence, they win the hearts of many big businesses too. The promotional pens are the most diverse promotional gifts available today. Not only because of their colour and shape, the printed pens catch the eyes of the users because of their extended utility features too. Considering the wide acceptance of printed pens, they are now available in various designs.

Welcome to the online collection of promo pens at Ideasbynet’s online store is the ultimate destination for many companies in the UK in their search for ideal promotional gifts. The promotional pens are available in different categories, viz., the Metal Pens, Plastic Pens, Highlighter Pens, Multifunction Pens, Novelty Pens and Recycled Pens. The Plastic Pens are popular as the promo gifts for mega corporate events. The wide range of Plastic Pens give enough options for the companies to choose them according to the specific requirements of their brands. They are available in all colour choices. The Novelty Pens feature the most innovative designs.  They are provided with additional utility features such as carabiner hook, keyring, bottle opener and measuring tape on them. The additional features increase their utility and hence their promotional value.

The most advantageous feature of the promo pens is that they are available in a good range of prices. They are chosen as the brand identity article by both the lowest category businesses and the top-notch business firms. At Ideasbynet, you can get pens worth below 20 pence and that worth above 20 pounds. The difference in the price gives a clear indication of the difference in their quality. The plastic pens belong to the least expensive category whereas the metal pens and pen sets belong to the most expensive category of printed pens. This is because of the difference in the materials used in their manufacturing. The branded pens such as Parker, Prodir, Senator and Quill, are also available with a wide range of price and designs.

The most remarkable feature of the promo pens is their print-friendly body features. The Parker Pens, for example, feature a good roller body on which the brand name can be imprinted permanently using laser technology. On the other hand, the Quill Series Pens feature a slant top surface on which the brand logo alone can be embossed in an attractive manner. Under the category Novelty Pens and Highlighter Pens, you can see the special designs created on them, especially to make them suitable as the brand display articles. To view the details of the printed pens available at our online collection, please visit the website

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