A Leather Pen Case is a Tool for Sincere Readers

Jhoana Cooper asked:

When you go out to buy a pen holder, a leather pen case or a pen display case, you will find a variety of these tools in the bazaar. Whatever you choose to purchase, your pen collection will then have its personal space. A leather pen case presents a modish and a comfy protection to your most cherished and priceless writing instruments. There is a plethora of manufacturing companies and individuals who totally understand the need of properly taking care of writing tools.

They understand what it is to shield those priceless pens from the harms and pressures of even the mildest catastrophes. Therefore they provide you with the leather pen case or a pen display case, which ensures a dependable breathing space.. The leather pen cases are usually crafted from the finest leathers – Italian or Indian. The leather is available in many rich tones.

A pen display case has a glass top which exhibits the best of your collections. The lid can be handcrafted or made with machines. The handcrafted lid may have designer frills and will look more elegant than the one which is robotically manufactured. However, the machine made pen display case will have more finesse in its finish. The handcrafted pen display cases will comprise of an heirloom finish. Moreover they are more expensive than their machine made counterparts.

The wood used in the manufacturing of wooden pen display case is always kiln dried. This is to ensure that warps and splits are removed from the final product. The premium quality of a supreme wooden pen display case is that it is made out of a single piece of wood. This kind of creation ensures that the wood used for the entire pen case shows similar surface grains and a kind of harmony is set. Brass is used for the joints to make certain that the pen display case is durable and strong.

It is not necessary that the pen display case has an internal lining of suede or velvet. The handcrafted pen display cases which are the work of local artisans will typically come under this category. However, some of them will have an internal cushioning of suede. It is important to provide an inbuilt cushioning for the pens, otherwise the fundamental idea of protection is not met with. A pen display case which does not meet this criterion is good for show purposes only.

A leather pen case is ideal to keep safe your Pelican, Mont Blanc or Waterman collection. Any damage to such a beautiful collection hurts and it’s not for nothing that so many people are interested in such produts. The use of a leather pen case will keep any problems at bay. Moreover, it is a very thoughtful and a great and gift idea to a student, journalist or a writer.


  1. Don’t forget cases for handcrafted pens too!