Japanese Animation

Vlad Suski asked:

Animation does not have any boundaries that can be seen. These boundaries are present in the minds of the creators. Each of the creators of animation will have their own styles of drawing their creations. Some of these will be the hugely popular Japanese animation series and movies.

In each of these programs you will see how people and animals of fantastical looks deal with life in different situations. These situations will be different based on the medium which is used to portray these Japanese animation scenes. You will see that the forms of animation are different for cartoons, movies and even for video games.

While many of elements of Japanese animation are somewhat similar to that of other countries, the culture and social behavior of Japan is seen quite clearly. There are many areas of life that can be seen being explored in the realms of animation. While some of the animation stories are taken from anime series and Manga comics there are others which come straight from the creative minds of the movie making team.

In these the storylines you will see that the characters acting in ways that show how they feel about situations that happen around them. While some of the reactions are comical there are others that will make you empathize with the characters.

The mark of a successful Japanese animation can then be said to be an animation that draws you deep inside. You will understand how the beauty that is found in life can be used to showcase the feelings and scenes are occurring around the central characters. While these characters are of primary importance there are many other aspects of these Japanese animation movies and shows that you will enjoy seeing.

The main item that you will notice in Japanese animation is the exaggerated feelings which are displayed to us via large teardrop shapes near the eyes. Panic can be shown as arms frantically waving around and the mouth open wide in terror – but not the scary kind – and you feel like laughing at what is happening to these characters.

One good example of seeing this type of behavior will be that of Sailor Moon. Here you will find the entire range of details and action sequences which make Japanese animation what it really is.

By looking closely at these different Japanese animation programs you will see how the similarities of life are portrayed within these shows. Some of the sensitive issues that you will see happening around us can be explained by Japanese animation.

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