Ryobi 754 offset printing press

synar asked:

Ryobi 754, four colour offset press at Finesse Druk, Heerhugowaard (Netherlands)


  1. Looks good and fast……

  2. nice video and machine..ryobi and komori are creeping up roland and heidelbergs back door with quality and most of all price..they are not the machines of years ago now they are really a force to be reckoned with..beware the germans…im on a 5col roland prints great…but dont most new machines these days..greetings from germany…

  3. Here in Texas we had like 45 shops close last year alone. Every Friday we all run to see who cashes theyre check first cause there is limited funds!
    I run QM Heidelberg and a cannon 700 digital press….for now! LOL!

  4. Hey,
    Nice to hear from an overseas colleague.
    The printing business is very unstable for about 6 years now overhere, and it only got worse with the current crisis. But the company’s that managed to survive so far will stay in business…..at least i hope so.
    Our company is doing quite well, we can’t complain!
    The Mitsubishi sounds like a very nice press. I know they are very solid machines.

  5. steelcappedstrength

    So, hows the printing industry doing in the netherlands now a days?
    here in the u.s. (new jersey) its not too good any more…most of the printing shops are closing thier doors.. I’m a 2nd pressman working on an 8 color mitsubishi double diamond with 4/4 perfecting and UV abilities

  6. Try setting the sheet size one or two mm shorter than the actual sheet size. eg. if you are running a sheet of 520 x 370 set the drum at 368.

  7. Pikeluke84 and riddley1.
    You’re both wrong. Ryobi is always more better and expensive and even better looking than heidelbergs
    Heidelbergs are s**it

  8. hey we are a total Heidelberg shop always had Heidelberg presses. is it worth buying a Japanese machine? we are commercial printers having 2 five col Heidelberg presses sm74 .

  9. I have a 755P that is a 23×29 perfector for almost 1&1/2 years now that we have not been able to print any perfecting job on it at speed greater than 8,000 IPH the sheet will drop under the storage drum. Does any body have any comment on this or sujestions. do these mashines print at 15,000 in perfecting mode any where or any job. please let me know we could use your advise.

  10. Ryobi presses are sold by the M.A.N.Roland company in Europe :)

    For the money the Ryobi is unbeatable, you shouldn’t compare it with a Roland 900 as it’s a different size press, and the Roland is as triple expensive!
    I worked with a Roland 300, nice machine, but i am happy with the Ryobi!

  11. Ryobi in japanese means ‘Very Blunt Tool’
    give me back my Roland 900 anyday

  12. i used to work on a 754, exactly the same as this but with a coater, but im back to heidelbergs now, you cant beat one im afraid!

  13. i work n chile in a muller martini pronto

  14. i work also with a 524HXX, Look @ my Videos :)

  15. Heidelberg Rules!

  16. very interesting

  17. Looks nice! I work with 524HXX.

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