Happy Gilmore (Blu-ray) 1996 – A Sports Comedy Film

madeline asked:

Happy Gilmore is a 1996 American sports comedy movie directed by Dennis Dugan and starring Adam Sandler as the title character. He is a nearly unlikable loser who after a strangely traumatic childhood, grew up to be a raving, anti-social lunatic, who happens to be obsessed with hockey. He constantly tries out for hockey teams, and proudly holds two league records. His grandmother, with whom he has lived almost all his life, has not paid her taxes for many years.

At one stage, his girlfriend dumps him, he doesn’t make the hockey team, and the IRS repossesses his grandmother’s house which he grew up in. Soon, he discovers that he has an incredible talent in golf with a record breaking long drive. One day, Chubbs Peterson — a pro-golfer who was forced to retire early due to a serious injury, encourages Happy to take up golf and teaches him how to be a good golfer. Shooter, who happens to be the best on the PGA tour, becomes jealous of the attention that Happy receives.

At one scene, Shooter allows Happy to have the house back only if he’ll quit the tour. After initially accepting, Happy is talked out of it by his love interest — Virginia, who says Grandma would much rather see Happy succeed at life than get the house back. Happy then makes a bet with Shooter. If Happy finishes higher at the Tour Championship, he gets the house back; if Shooter finishes higher, Happy quits the tour.

Now a bitter competition and a race-against-time happen, as Happy tries to earn back his grandma’s house and beat Shooter. Did he win the challenge?

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