What to Look for in a Game Rental Service

Harpreet Parmar asked:

Game rental websites usually offer thousands of games for all the popular gaming systems, including: Playstation 3, Playstation 2, PSP, XBox, XBox 360 and Nintendo’s DS & Wii.

Online game rental services are less expensive than buying games new, and cheaper and more convenient than the local video game rentals shop, because there are no return dates and no late fees. Just choose and rent games from your computer & the game rental website will mail them to you. All video game rental companies will pay postage both ways, so you don’t even have to buy stamps.

Instead of paying a new fee for each game rental, you should be able to customize your rental plan to match your gaming habits. Your game rental plan cost should be based how many games you want to rent at a time, not how many games you turn over in a month. Rent anywhere from 2 games to 5 at the same time, all for a fixed, low monthly fee.

You need an online game rental service with exceptional service online and off. Freedvdtrials.com used these criteria to judge game rental services:

Feature Set – game rental services should offer free, two–way shipping for video games, should never charge late fees and should offer a trial membership for free. game rental services should also rank games for maturity and age appropriateness, make game previews and customer reviews easy to find and should allow you to cancel membership any time.

Game Selection – A game rental service should offer a wide variety of game genres for all ages and tastes. These games should work on all the popular gaming systems.

Search Capabilities – We look for game rental services that make searching for games simple; you should be able to search by game system type, popularity, name and audience–appropriate rank.

Game Arrival Time – game rental services should have several strategies in place to shorten shipping times. Shipping waits longer than three days aren’t acceptable.

Available Packages – game rental services should offer a variety of membership packages to meet the diverse needs of its customers. There should be plans to fit the light gamer, the weeknight gamer, or to fit an entire family of gamers.

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