Games You Can Play on the Internet

Daniel Millions asked:

In recent years, the rapid improvement in internet speeds, computer performance and affordable technology have facilitated the rise of internet games. The days when you bought a console and then invited your friends around for a multiplayer game are fading fast, as it is now possible to play them online.

These games are great fun and the added interactive element means that it is plausible for you to play against someone from countries far from your own. Usually this is a straight forward process of logging on to the game’s server and entering the details from the game that you purchased and then you can connect online instantly. This article will look at what the different genres of games are available online and also some the games that you should consider playing.

Perhaps the most popular online game is Poker. You cannot browse the internet for too long before you will come across an advertisement for an online poker room. Such games as Texas Hold Em have massive widespread appeal and if you know how to play the game, it can provide a lot of enjoyment and hopefully a few victories.

If Poker is not your thing then there are plenty of other types of games that you can play.

Online strategy games are very popular and you can find many of the popular console games available online now. If you like games that are turn-based or require strategic thought then these are for you. Popular games such as Age of Empires 3 and Civilization 3 are both available to play online. These games can be accessed for no extra fee once you have bought the game. There are also chat rooms available to facilitate the multiplayer game play that is on offer.

Likewise if you like sports games such as FIFA Soccer or John Madden Football then you can log on to the online game and arrange to play tournaments with your friends or play against anyone else online.

There is a genre of online games that are commonly referred to as massive multiplayer games. Basically these are online based role playing games that allow you to live the life of a character within a virtual world. Such titles as World of Witchcraft and Everquest are massively popular and attract thousands of game players. As these games originate from the web there is usually a monthly subscription, however if you search then you can find some of the less popular games available for free.

If you are a big fan of multiplayer shooting games then you will also discover that these games are also available online. Popular console games such as Call of Duty 4, Counter Strike and Quake are all available to play if you have purchased the game. These games utilize the graphics card of the PC to its full potential and so if you are planning to access these online games, it is a good idea to check beforehand that your computer will be able to cope with the demands of the games.

There are also some shooting games available on consoles that connect to the internet such as the X Box Live. Currently games such as Halo and Grand Theft Auto are very popular online.

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