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Blue Cross Insurance of California is arguably the most leading insurance company in California where insurance plans are affordable and also easily obtainable. They do not believe in work for-profit policy. You can choose suitable health insurance plan from a pool of health insurance plans provided by them. It is common knowledge that insurance is a shield whereby you save yourself from financial ruin in case of health problems.

Blue Cross Insurance of California also provides a large network of highly qualified doctors with all necessary medical facilities. Apart from basic services such as hospitalization, surgeries, and outpatient treatment for sicknesses, Blue Cross Insurance of California are also covering preventive care, care for chronic conditions, vision and dental care, prescription drug coverage etc. Blue Cross Insurance of California provides you the best possible group insurance plans.

There were originally two separate companies Blue Cross and Blue Shield and they merged many years ago to form the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. There are still states where Blue Cross and Blue Shield are considered separate entities rather than a merged company. Blue Cross and Blue Shield health care providers have one company in almost each state. This way, you can get the best of both worlds by taking advantage of affordable health insurance plan premiums, while getting the best overall health care that you deserve.

Currently, this organization has over 30 independent health insurance companies operating on different parts of the country. Blue Cross of California, owned by Wellpoint, is determined about creating low cost products to help the uninsured. Now they are even taking somewhat controversial steps in allowing immigrants without documentation other than that issued by Mexican consulates to avail their plans.

The Blue Cross believes that people after years of hard work and paying appropriate taxes, deserve nothing but the best medical care that they can get. For a few years now, retirees, government and private employees, unemployed individuals, housewives, as well as US citizens working abroad have been receiving some form of benefit from a Blue Cross or Blue Shield health care provider.

The Blue Cross offers affordable monthly health insurance premiums and provides you with a choice between short and long-term health coverage, depending on your individual needs. Blue Cross offers discounts on medical procedures, consultations and general health care and has plans for medical supplies in case of an injury or a short period of stay in the hospital.

The Blue Cross of California Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plans cover more of the costs of your health care than any other plan type. HMO Plans provide coverage only for services received from doctors and hospitals within the HMO Network. You can choose a specific health care group and physician within the network to coordinate all of your health care needs. As a Blue Cross member, you will also enjoy special member services, including Health Extension SM program, which provides the members information about discounts offered by independent vendors on health products and services and round the clock confidential access to registered nurses to help members manage chronic diseases including diabetes, asthma and congestive heart problems.

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