Secured Loan: Least Cost & Maximum Loan Amount

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Secured Loan: Least Cost & Maximum Loan Amount

Understand a basic concept of lending-the higher the risk associated with the loan, the costlier the loan would be, and the lower the risk associated with the loan, the cheaper the loan would be. In a secured loan, lender has least risk of loosing his money and therefore lenders offer certain benefit to borrowers such as charging lower rate of interest, which makes your loan cheaper.

What is a secured loan?

You need money now, but have been repeatedly turned down for unsecured personal loans, you may still be able to get the cash you need with a secured bad credit loan. A secured loan is one in which you offer something as ‘collateral’ to guarantee your repayment of the loan. If you don’t repay the loan within a specified period of time, the lender has the right to take possession of the collateral and sell it to recover their money. Secured loans are designed to help those with poor or no credit get the loans that they need. Additionally, because the security deposit (another name for collateral) guarantees that your lender will be able to recover his money – most lenders will extend loans with lower interest rates than the same loan with no security.

Types of Collateral

The most common types of collateral are real estate or automobiles, though it can be anything that is equal or greater value than the amount that you borrow. In most cases, you don’t give up physical possession of your car or home – you can go on driving it or living in it as long as you continue making your payments on the loan. Instead, you sign a note that gives the lender a legal right to the title or the deed to your car or home. If you default on the loan – don’t make the payments that you’ve agree to make – then the lending agency can take possession of your property. If it’s an automobile, it’s commonly called repossession. For real estate, it’s called a foreclosure. In either case, the lending agency has the right to sell your property in order to recover their loan.

While autos and real estate are the most common types of collateral, some lenders will lend money with jewelry, coins or other collectibles or other types of vehicles. Most often, if you secure a loan with an item like jewelry or collectibles, the lending agency will take possession of the item until the loan is repaid.

Secured Loan: Amount & Cost

Loan amount to be offered is calculated by lenders on various parameters which include your monthly income, expense, saving if any, items on which you spend the most etc. They may also take note of whether you are paying monthly installments for any other loan or loans etc. Based on all these factors, loan amount is decvided. But the loan amount would certainly be more than the amount you would have got in case of unsecured loan.

Similarly, rate of interest to be charged is based on various factors and associate risk, if any. However, since it is a secured loan, it has the minimum risk. Since it has least risk, lender also pass on a part of benefit to borrowers in terms of charging lower rate of interest than the rate of interest you would have paid in case of unsecured loan. The lower rate of interest makes your loan cheaper.

Usually, duration of loan is mutually decided between borrower and lender by taking into account loan amount and monthly paying capacity of borrower.

You may have a question, why secured loan has least risk-because, when you offer any of your asset as security against the loan taken. In this case, if you pay regularly and close the loan in time, the ownership of the asset offered as security remains with you. However, if you do not may installments in time, make partial payment or if you do not pay at all, the ownership of the asset offered as security goes to lender, who has the option of selling the asset to recover his finance.

How to find a secured loan if you have bad credit

Many lenders – banks in particular – don’t deal in any sort of secured loan other than second mortgages. Other institutions deal almost exclusively in secured loans. Finance companies that deal in secured loans can be found in your phone book, newspaper, and increasingly, online. Shop around and compare interest rates on loans and the terms of repayment with several different lenders. You’ll find many internet sites that let you request a loan rate quote from multiple lenders at once.

Once you’ve submitted a request for a loan quote, you’ll be contacted by representatives from several companies and can get a good idea of what each can offer you in terms of interest and other finance charges and fees. Choose the best one for your needs, and apply for the loan. It’s that easy.

To conclude a secured loan is a category of loan which you get by offering any of your asset as security against loan taken. Secured loan are usually cheap and provide the maximum loan amount, which a borrower can get based on his profile. However, cheap loan does not mean you go on taking as much loan as possible, because ultimately you have to return the whole amount else you loose ownership of the asset you offered as loan.

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