Printing Press Card Trick Revealed

mismag822 asked:

Card trick revealed in this tutorial


  1. wheres the link? :}

  2. il get the video link hold up

  3. dude… *** lol that was trippy

  4. Rukifellth2792

    Order them from amazondotcom

  5. in one of his old tricks he showed his face

  6. where do you get blank cards?

  7. guys dont exspect everything from him. hes uploaded over 130 videos. that’s very hard. cut him some slack

  8. his double lifts are to obvious

  9. valerio79italie

    hi, forever the same tricks.. it’s good but boring… can u poste a new trick please ;-)??

  10. Why Do you guys want to see his face? A real magician would “NEVER” reveal his “biggest” secrets :] *if you know what i mean* =P We

  11. FlippyCatFanMan

    I got it without the tutorial :D

  12. ok wasnt it called champ? with the 10 of spades?

  13. When are you going to reveal a new trick? You have not posted a new trick since July 2 (if you don’t include this one).

  14. um..can we see ur face? u have shown this vid on utube before so yah

    can u reavel the ambitious cardroutine

  15. 99aceofspades99

    I want to see his face too.

  16. DasBrotMonster

    Please reveal this Addition Card Trick you performed a few months ago! Thanks!
    You’re the best, Mismag!!!!!!

  17. nice trick…
    i’ve not a blank deck but i just force the blank card

  18. DasBrotMonster

    That’s awesome!!!

  19. MagicBurnIllusions

    you are of sheridan?

  20. Yeah , i wanna see his face too ,lol

  21. The trick is only 5mins

  22. That was for his contests.

  23. marcelvisser1337

    :O Your vid is over 5 mins!! Naughty Mismag :P

  24. Nice price man! :)