Halogen Screen Printing Light

hotwheelzzzzz asked:

How to build a cheap 500 Watt halogen light stand for exposing screen printing screens. What You’ll Need: 500 Watt Halogen Worklight (got mine for $9.99 at Home Depot after Thanksgiving) an 8-foot stick of 1″ PVC Schedule 40 pipe 1″ PVC elbows x 4 1″ PVC couplers x 2 1″ PVC pipe plugs x 2 (the flat-topped ones) 1″ PVC tees x 2 1″ PVC pipe caps (the rounded-topped ones) 1″ long 1/4″ bolts with nuts; slotted button head x 2 Note: all the PVC fittings are SLIP FIT… no threads! TOOLS: A …

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