EZScreenPrint.com Screen Printing Shirt Tutorial Part 3

maddstickers asked:

How to print the image onto the shirt. Check out EZScreenPrint.com for the materials


  1. what is the green thing?? what’s it called??


  2. CatspitProductions

    Thats pretty cool. Check out my videos for tutorials on screen printing and heat transferring tee shirts. Questions welcome.

  3. great videos

    you’re like the Bob Ross of screen printing hahaha

    thanks a lot!

  4. very informative, my first shirt came out like crap, I put the ink on the screen instead of the squeegee, my mistake, next time gadget, next time.

  5. thanks man, gonna be making some shirts this summer

  6. Can you put them in a frame ??? instead of tapeing

  7. this is very informative!! can u use screen print on other fabric?

  8. i’ve been looking at so many silk screening videos…..but like seriously, yurs is the most educational. it was consice and got to the point.

  9. I used a product that you mix with any acrylic paint to use for silk screening – made by Golden — silk screen medium :)

  10. I think you can – but you’d have a white outline as oppossed to his black outline with white on the insides

  11. how did you made those screen?

  12. where do u get that green paper

  13. couldn’t you just invert the colors in before starting the whole thing? So you only have to print white? Or does layering it yield better results?

  14. how do you cure your ink?

  15. CatspitProductions

    Check out my channel for videos explaining the screen printing process. The channel is dedicated to teaching the basic principles of shirt printing.

  16. Great videos! Do the images ever become cracked or worn/washed out some time down the road or do they last for years?

  17. thankyou so much. that tutorial was a lot simpler and straightfoward than i could have hoped for X)

  18. damn I love your site… thanks for this video and the website and the tutorial… Does the paper comes in 11×17

  19. what kind of ink do you used…

  20. damn you solved all my problems… I went to your site… but I couldn’t figure out what type of paper or the name of paper you used as screen.

  21. i’m here in the philipines. does the film products can only be bought online? could you tell me a better name to be more especific here in our local stores? tnxs

  22. alright thanks for your help. i think i will try those plastic frames.

  23. Good Question, I don’t use tape anymore you could just hold it down. I also do my prints in full 8×10’s only, these were cut to short you need a few inches on each side so you don’t get paint all over the shirt. To answer your question you could buy plastic frames or mount them to wood frames if you know how to do that…eww that was alot of typing.