How To Start A Profitable Work At Home Business In 5 Simple Steps

Josh Bradley asked:

For many years people have been looking for a way to turn home offices, dens, and even kitchen tables into money making machines by starting their own work at home businesses. Now that the Internet has came into play it has only accelerated the want and desire of millions around the globe who are looking to cash in on the new Internet and Home Business revolution.

But how is your average person supposed to find work at home business success? Although many think that it’s as simple as putting up a website and away you go, the hundreds of thousands who have failed would tell you different. The truth is that finding the right work at home business can be an easy or a hard task depending on where you are looking. As for achieving success that comes after you establish your new business and turn on that invisible open sign in cyberspace.

Over the next few minutes I’m going to expose to you how a rookie was able to locate and start a work at home business as well as make it profitable in a short period of time. After reading this information you too should be able to locate, start, and build a home business that gives you serious long term results.

Introducing the “5” simple steps to starting a profitable work at home business…

#1 – Discover Your Work At Home Business Options

Everyone can agree that there are thousands of ways to start a work at home business. Unfortunately most of these ways require a full-time commitment and a leap of faith. This usually eliminates 95% of the people who would like to make money from home but don’t have the time, money, or resources to make something like that fly.

Of course with the advent of the Internet we have been exposed to many new possibilities that do not require a full time commitment or a lot of money. Here are just a few examples of how people are making money from home these days:

Affiliate Marketing

Google Adsense

Private Label Products

Network Marketing

Niche Marketing

Direct Sales


While all of these are viable options, I personally endorse network marketing for a few meaningful reasons. First off, it’s a residual income business meaning that if you do the work once you can get paid on it for years to come. Second, it’s a people helping people business and I’ve been able to meet some of the greatest people thanks to network marketing. Third, it’s an easy business that anyone can get started with regardless of past experience or current situation.

With that said please understand that all network marketing companies are not created equal and there are many out there that aren’t much more than fly-by-night operations posing as legitimate network marketing opportunities. If you choose to go network marketing stay away from “pre-launch” opportunities and companies that only offer an opportunity without a real product to back it up.

Whatever avenue you choose make sure it makes sense to you. Nobody has ever been successful with something they didn’t believe in so make sure the home business you pursue is something you are passionate about.

#2 – Uncover the finances involved with your new venture.

Every business will be a bit different in costs but one thing is universal. Your start up costs is not the only thing you need to factor in when looking at how you’re going to finance your new venture. Besides start up costs you are also going to have the costs of doing business and marketing / advertising costs.

Here is a breakdown of the different costs you need to account for:

Start up costs: Your start up costs is how much money it takes you to get the ball rolling with your new venture. Any type of work at home business is going to have some kind of upfront money needed to simply get the material in place to open up shop.

Costs of doing business: Your costs of doing business are going to be the money that is needed to keep your day to day operations functional. For most home businesses this is simply a phone line, an internet connection, office supplies, book keeping, monthly fees, and product inventory. Another reason I like network marketing is because it greatly reduces your costs of doing business.

Marketing / Advertising costs: For some reason this is the one cost that everyone forgets to factor into the equation. Here is the bottom line, without marketing or advertising nobody will be exposed to your business meaning it can’t grow. Some things in business will never change and this is one of them. However, the good thing about a home business is that if your smart (or have a smart mentor or coach) you can market your business without spending very much money.

Okay, so now that we established the three different business costs you can come up with a game plan on the finances your going to need to make your new business fly.

#3 – Use tools but don’t take the relationship factor out of your business.

Isn’t modern technology wonderful? We now have so many great tools at our disposal that cost us next to nothing. Unfortunately this modern technology has also been the downfall to many entrepreneurs who didn’t know how to use it correctly. While technology does make a home business owner’s life easier it is not a replacement for building relationships.

I’ve ran into hundreds of home business owners (not profitable ones) who hide behind the screen of their computer and wouldn’t come out to actively build their home business. They never wanted to talk to anyone, help anyone, or be publicly proud about what they were doing and who they were helping. Just imagine if you went down to the local tire shop and nobody wanted to answer your questions, give you recommendations, or guide you through the sales process. Do you think that tire shop would make any money or have any customers? Of course they wouldn’t!

The same rule applies for Internet / work at home businesses. You need to build relationships if you want to be successful.

#4 – Dedicate both time and resources to grow your budding venture.

Want to know the biggest obstacle home business owners face? It’s treating the business like a real business and not like a hobby. Of course this isn’t how it starts out to be but a few weeks after your business has been officially started is when some “hobby mentality” will try and creep in. Pretty soon your business is getting absolutely no attention and you are there wondering why it isn’t working.

The truth is that you will only get out of your business what you put in and if you are not actively doing things on a daily basis to grow your business than who is? Nobody! If nobody is doing any work then it’s only obvious that the business can’t become profitable.

I call this having a hobby mentality because most people treat their hobbies as something that is on the back of their mind and they get to it when time permits. If you attack your work at home business like this or you will not achieve success.

#5 – Always set goals and work towards them.

The final thing you must do to achieve work at home business profits is make sure that you are constantly setting goals and achieving those goals. Goals serve as your road map and keep you focused on the business at hand. Without goals you will find yourself drifting away from your home business and not staying on track to put profits in your pocket. You should have daily, monthly, and yearly goals.

Daily Goals: If you can set out to make a positive difference in your work at home business everyday than pretty much nothing can hold you back. Every night before you go to bed, get on your laptop or pull out a notebook and write down your goals for the next day. Daily goals should be simple but big enough to make a difference in your business.

Monthly Goals: Each month you should evaluate where you stand in your business. Make it a goal to be progressing every month. If you are doing this, not only will it keep your spirits high, but also assure you that you are on the right path. If for some reason you do experience a drop (that does happen) don’t get discouraged and let it motivate you to do even better the next month.

Yearly Goals: The great thing about a home business and network marketing is the fact that you can see results much faster than a traditional business model. While traditional business models usually require 5 years before a profit is reached, someone working a network marketing business hard could be a multi-millionaire by then.

The first yearly goal you want to make when you get started is that you will work your business for at least 12 straight months before you decide to press on or give up. Since most people quit before they get started (2 to 3 months), this goal will stop you from making the same mistake and actually give yourself a realistic chance to succeed.

In closing, I hope this short lesson serves as a guide to go out and find your own profitable work at home business. Don’t take shortcuts, steer clear of the “to good to be true” opportunities, and take personal responsibility to make yourself successful when you find the right home business.

Remember that there are only two factors that can make a home business a success or a failure, the business itself or the person working it. So get out there, find something that fits you and then make a promise to yourself that you will be the reason it succeeds.

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