2008 New Cars and Window Film- What Every Driver Should Know!

Mike Feldman asked:

The 2008 new car models are rolling off the assembly lines and into your local new car dealer’s showroom. These cars are equipped with advanced electronics and over 70% of these new car models have Bluetooth technology built in. Most new car dealers offer window tinting as a pre-load or an aftermarket option to increase their ever slim margin. Rather than hire window tinters in-house they typically farm out your new car to a local tinter who actually performs the installation. The unsuspecting owner (you?)has little to no idea exactly what type of film was installed or whether the film has a warranty beyond what that finance guy tells you when you decide whether to get that extended warranty they like to push. Given your huge investment and the fact that you regularly use GPS and Cell phones in your ride every day,it is critical to take the tinting selection out of that new car dealer’s hands and place it in YOUR hands. FormulaOne High Performance Films offer new car drivers and drivers of any car (new or used) a unique technology choice. The Pinnacle Ceramic Films have zero interference with Bluetooth, GPS, Premium Satellite radio or radar detectors. These innovative films provide maximum heat rejection without adding a shiny finish to your ride. These Pinnacle Ceramic films come with a lifetime and transferable warranty against fade, bubbling, scratched and changing color and this warranty is always “No Fault.” Locating your nearest FormulaOne independent dealer is as easy as going to http://www.formulaone.com . Making YOUR OWN selection will take the mystery out of who is doing that tint job and let you select the perfect window film for you. You select the darkness (VLT) of the film YOU prefer. As a FormulaOne Dealer based in Tampa Bay, Advanced Film Solutions www.advancedfilmfl.com ,we have taken crafstmanship one step futher by utilizing Precision Cut software by CP Films to cut the precise fit for your vehicle. FormulaOne and Pinnacle offer the best film, always the smart choice for every ride. .new car or otherwise!

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