Talking News to Your Iphone

David Herrmann asked:

If you don’t read traditional newspapers and television news you would probably use the internet to be up to date on the latest local and international news. Browsing the internet can also be done from your smart phone and be informed wherever you happen to be. If you have an iPhone, will deliver your daily dose of news with a twist. This is an unique “talking” news service. is a fairly new website that offers the ‘talking news’ application for iPhone and iPod Touch users. This web-based application works with Safari browsers. What it does is to search the Internet for the latest news and events locally and worldwide. It then converts the news text into an audio stream. Cell phone users can now listen to the news whenever they want to and wherever they are.

You can also share the converted news audio file with your friends. You can post them in your webpage and in social network sites like Facebook and MySpace. You can also add them to social bookmarking sites such as, Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

At, you can also create your own talking newspaper page. You can add your favorite text-based news from over 50 categories. You can choose to get the latest reports on sports, entertainment, technology, and politics (among many others) and post them in your personal page. These text news would then be converted to audio format and be delivered right to your iPhone or iPod Touch. The system works something similarly to the format of a podcast where you get fresh content fast and hassle-free.

With, you would never be left behind with the latest news and happenings around you and abroad. It has thousands of thousands talking news already posted at their website and you can get fresh news every single day. You can browse the website and navigate through the stories by categories. If you prefer your news in an audio format you can listen on the go check out

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