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Television programs like Cold Case Files and CSI have prompted an increase in the publics fascination with forensic science. What is not generally known, however, is that forensic science is a field that involves much more than is shown on television. Everyone knows that forensic scientists work in an area of law and are responsible for examining evidence to solve crimes. But they do more than work in labs, testing samples of DNA. Forensic scientists also visit crime scenes, study the crime locations, and are witnesses in court cases.

Sometimes, these scientists can make mistakes if they dont follow established procedures, which include keeping exact files on the evidence in a case. In some cases, these mistakes can have a negative impact on innocent lives. Several individuals have been sentenced to death on the basis of expert forensic evidence and testimony. Later on, it was discovered that these people were innocent, and the real criminals were apprehended. In these cases, science save an innocent life, and the courts could provide justice. Recently, over eleven individuals were released from a Chicago jail after new forensic evidence showed they were innocent. These people had already spent years in jail as a result of mistakes made in the legal system.

You can get a degree in forensic science online in just a few years. To earn a degree, you need to have a previous degree in biology, physics, chemistry, or physical science in order to register. Some online colleges require a minimum of a bachelors degree in one of these subjects before you can begin courses in forensic science. If you want to find a degree program in this field you should consult organizations such as the American Board of Criminalistic-ABC, American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors-ASCLD, National Forensic Science Tech Center-NSFTC, International Association of Forensic Science, and International Association for Identification-IAI and International Society for Forensic Genetics, and International Association for Identification-IAI and International Society for Forensic Genetics.

Degrees in forensic science may cover budget analysis, forensic accounting, working in a morgue or hospital, studying DNA, or working with computers. There are many areas in which you can work after getting a forensic science degree. Computer forensics involves investigations of evidence by tracking information via computer technology. It is a new field, but expertise in this area increases daily. Computer forensics involves extracting data from various media and presenting the evidence collected to the courts. This field uses extensive software programs and applications. The FBI, CIA, and other law enforcement agencies use forensic science with computers to resolve their cases.

An online forensics degree requires more work and specific background education than other online degrees, but if you want an exciting career with many opportunities and a chance to make a difference, do not let this keep you from pursuing on online degree in forensic science.


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