Moving Beyond Talk the Science of Results Oriented Thinking

Vickie Jimenez asked:

Are you willing to move beyond talking about it and implement real results for you and your life? Have you ever wondered what you could be? Have you ever pictured in your mind what having your best life would look like? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to become or create the success or vision you imagine in your mind? Have you ever wished you would feel more joy, abundance, love and happiness in your daily life? Have you ever been willing to look at why the life you want and what you have in this moment don’t match?

Learning to examine what we have created and how to create what we do what is the science of results oriented thinking. The science of results oriented thinking is not new however, millions of people have become aware of its over all influence in the creation of their lives.

The science of results oriented thinking is the understanding that everything showing up in your life right now is there because you created it with your thoughts, feelings and actions. This science looks at how the thoughts you are thinking can impair your abilities or empower your abilities.

The premise of this science is the understanding that you are not your thoughts nor the feelings that come from that thought. Instead you learn that thoughts are tools not who you are. Feelings are the result of a thought, and that thought creates a chemical cocktail and pours it in your body for you to feel the thought that you just exposed yourself too. If you say to yourself, “That makes mad,” your body complies and says “Okay one mad coming up,” You drink the cocktail and you feel the mad moving through your body. It is simply a biological process not who you are. You are not an angry, depressing or fearful thought. You are much more than that.

Feelings are like a flavor or spice. You get to choose how you feel or what spice you get to use in your life. Self-command, which is part of the science of results oriented thinking, teaches you how to command the spices or flavors in your life. You learn to co-create not let life just happen to you.

Because thoughts are tools that create experiences in your life, the science of results oriented thinking shows you have to have empowering thoughts that create an empowering you. The confusion happens when you believe you are the thought you are having. You are not the depressed person, the angry person nor are you the successful person or happy person. You are simply either using a thought as a tool and it delivers the experience you tell it to bring you.

Moving beyond talking and observing what it is that you are telling yourself in each moment has evidence of what chemical cocktail you are pouring into your systems. Observe what thought habits you have. In the science of results oriented thinking you will learn the 6 deadliest, yet widely accepted thinking and speaking habits that are plaguing personal success. In this science you will learn how to overcome these 6 killer habits and move into success habits that will produce the life you want.

Being willing to look at how you may harm your success outcome is one of the most important things you can do in your life. It is important to know because if you don’t understand how the science of results oriented thinking operates you will be doing the same thing your doing right now for the rest of your life never being able to change your circumstances.  Don’t wait take action now.

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