The Definition Of “A Game”

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Games are structured with rules, objectives or goals, challenges with the motive of building social interaction. Games generally involve mental or physical simulation. Studies have proven that games improve cognitive skills, serves as medium of physical exercise, improves eyesight (that is online game). Other perform educational as well as psychological role.

Other features of game as defined by Roger Caillois:

fun: the activity is chosen for its light-hearted character

separate: it is circumscribed in time and place

uncertain: the outcome of the activity is unforeseeable

non-productive: participation is not productive

governed by rules: the activity has rules that are different from everyday life

fictitious: it is accompanied by the awareness of a different reality

Types of games


Sports is known to have a designated location known as field with dedicated atletes. It is also known to attract spectators; that are entertained just by watching.

Lawn Games

These are outdoor games that can be played on a lawn , an area smaller than a field or pitch. Variation of many games thatare tradictionally played on a pitch are called ‘ lawn games’ these games are horseshoes, sholf, conquer, bocce, lawn bowls and stake.

Table Top Game

This kind if game is within the confines of a small area and which require minimum puysical strength. It only requires placingm picking op and moving game pieces. Most of these games are therefore played on a table; where players are converged. Most games fall within table top where the game elements are located. There are several games that fall into this category; particularly party games. These games are normally free forms in their play.

Coordination Games

This class of games builds dexterity of hands or hand-eye coordination. An example of games in this category is jacks, paper football and jenga, pinballs billiards, air hockey, table soccer and table hockey. Some can be played on any flat level surface and others are played on specialised tables or other self contained modules. These games need reflexes and coordination

Card Games

There are various decks of cards suited to different card games.

Anglo American deck is 52-card suited for games like bridge, poker, rummy etc.

Regional deck of 32, 36 or 40cards suited for German game known as Skat

Tarot deck of 78-cards suited for games like trick-taking games.

Games have existed for century; which of these games brings you pleasure. Get acquainted with one.

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