Cold and raw – Elliott, Kwella

TheCompletePurcell asked:

, bass viol George Weigand, lute Jeremy Barlow, harpsichord Recorded in March 1981 ___ This tune was first printed in 1651, in John Playford’s The English Dancing Master. Ten years later, a song called A Cup of Old Stingo appeared in Merry Drollery Complete; it was probably the original song, composed circa 1620. The same tune was also used for a song by Martin Parker called The Country Lass, that John Hilton made into a catch, published in his Catch that catch can, in 1652. But it became …


  1. I just wanted to say, even though I’m a girl, could I buy one of those old style bonnets, and doff it off at a guy on my campus to show my breeding? Or am I too old fashioned, lol.

  2. This music is excellent, and is deserving of a long life rather than being forgotten. Thank you for making it available.

  3. Thank you for the upload^_^ It has a folkish feel and a baroque feel too.