How Long Do People Usually Have Carpet Before It Wears Out And Needs To Be Replaced?

I am curious about how often people usually keep their carpeting in their house. I know some people keep their carpet until it has a few stains and some people keep their carpet until it has spots all over, ‘traffic lines’, etc.
How long do people usually keep their carpet before they replace it? How many years would you figure?


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    It is 5 to 7 years for cheep carpet and 10 to 20 for quality carpet. however if you can afford the quality carpet your probably changing it anytime you want.

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    It depends on the quality of carpet and pad, plus the wear and tear. Sometimes a good steam cleaning can revive a tired carpet.

  3. It all depends on the quality of the carpet. I would guess maybe every 15 years usually?

  4. ♫ frosty ♫

    Well, that depends on the durability of the carpet and the wear it receives, but I would say most people generally keep it at least 5 to 7 years before they think about replacing.