How Do The People That Live In Varansi And Drink Water From The Ganges And Bathe In It Stay Alive?

The Ganges is a literal sewer. It is completely black and septic. Every 7 kms there are 30 sewers pumping waste into it, and people dumb thousands of dead people, cattle, and dogs in it daily.
People bathe in it, drink the water, go to the toilet in it and cook with the water! How are they not dead?
And what about the people who fish the dead human carcasses from the river and eat them for religious purposes? How do they stay alive?

  1. Dear miss Sweet,
    the Scientists took a sample near the sewer opening and found the water “unfit for drinking” then he tested the water about 100 meters further and stated it ” absolutely fit for drinking”
    That’s my mother GANGA”
    and please don’t call it a sewer, it hurts.

  2. Yes, there is water pollution. Yes, governance is bad and untreated water is dumped into the rivers. It happens everywhere around the world and we are trying to change that too!
    People do a lot of things that have no grounds in the religious texts either. For example the Aghoris that you talk about who fish for corpses and eat of them are NOT main stream Hindus. Main stream Hindus abhor them much like you do. Most mainstream Hindus are vegetarians.
    Aghoris believe in doing everything that humans abhor exactly for that purpose. To show that we are no different from the animals and other creations. They want to live a life to show to the world that donot consider yourselves as any more important than the other life on the planet.

  3. A few of them do in fact die. Many of them get sick. I guess the reason they are not all dead is because they are somewhat immune to the diseases in the water, but that still is disgusting.

  4. Teh Atheati Kitteh King

    The body is resilient and learns to adapt… those in America or Australia would most likely die as a result of drinking it

  5. they must be filtering water before drinking.just joking. their immune system must be strong. its a clear example of illiteracy and orthodox thinking of people

  6. i also visited India sum dayz ago
    and varanasi only
    and really…………i hav the same question

  7. I guess their immune systems are more tolerant. That’s why when us Brits go on holiday anywhere we end up ill as we seem to be afraid of getting our hands dirty!

  8. Interesting! Well, I saw a Program on The Holy Ganges or Mother Ganga as we Indians call it, on the National Geographic channel and the person who was presenting it was about to take a dip in the water of the Ganges and as he was about to dip his head he was saying ” make sure that the water doesn’t enter your mouth and drink it.” But as he came up he had gulped a little.And he didn’t get sick. Studies are still going on about this Miracle.
    Actually if u r talking about Indians, its pure faith that is the factor, coz i still remember my Granny used to say not to eat any food that u don’t like or that u feel yucky about. Even if its the best and the cleanest food it will make u sick.
    And one more thing about the Ganges is its starts from the Himalayas and on its way down it passes though the forest which has a lot of Medicinal Plants and at some places its boiling, like in Hrishikesh, and has sulphur contents in it. So before u study about the bacterias in the water make a study about the Minerals and Medicinal qualities of the Water in the Ganges. As its a tendency of Human beings to find faults and the bad characters of another person without even thinking that he or she might be having some good qualities too. Hope this gives u a view.

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