Does Literature Has Any Impact On The Lives Of Readers Or It Is Just A Plaything?

if it has an impact,why its value is dooming? one cant find it in the lives? its more like a fancy world you dream for some time and then you come to the harsh realities of the life.


  1. the world of books can be harsher than reality as well as more sheltered. books can have an untold amount of impact on people. for example people who read inspirational books about drugs and alcohol and are inspired to check themselves into a facitliy. also when people read futuristic books about the earth being demented they are inspired to do more for the environment.

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    Depends on what type of literature you are reading. I have read many non-fiction and fictional books that really touched me. They may not have totally changed my world views, however they opened my mind to new possibilities. Then again I have read fantasy novels that were more escapism then anything else. Why would the value of literature be dooming?

  3. Literature has had an impact on humanity since its inception. Everything that is oratory today is founded on literary principles first, then converted to a different medium, such as the television or moviescreen.
    If you study the elites of the world today and yesterday, you will see that most erudites, sohpisticates, military geniuses, scientific giants, and all intellectuals are literary junkies. The masses are placated by television, movies, music, etc. But if one cannot read, then which direction is that person headed? More horizontal than vertical, I assure you.

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    You’re thinking of crappy literature, like romance or fantasy novels.
    Literature can be profound too.

  5. want meaning? grab a newspaper. want fun? grab what ya like.

  6. Great works of literature are the key to the past and the connexion to the humanity that lived in it. Great works of literature pose the questions of our humanity with a depth that is simply not found in popular culture. It is an essential tool for the growth of the mind, of the individual.
    The very fact that a question like yours can even be posed and taken seriously attests to the profound decadence of our times. Man has an emotional, a rational and a spiritual dimension, which sets him apart from the world of the brute and the beast, and which allows him to make sense of things, to give value to the world. These are nourished by great works of art and literature.
    Today, where corporate culture precedes all others, the only utility imagined for man is as a producer and consumer. That is a grave denial of everything that is truly human and, despite the use of sophisticated technical means, a fall-back into barbarism.

  7. I don’t think literature is the waste you seem to think it is.
    It’s just that everyone is different, some people are unmoved by literature, but many are.

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    Well, what does that person like to read? Many pieces of literature have reality and lessons in them. Many talk about violence, drugs, abuse, abortion, love, society, religion, all sorts of things. It just depends on what you read. We are impacted by what we see, hear, or think. Yeah sure, if you are reading about fantasy worlds, then it will impact you in a different way. I hope I answered your question.

  9. stop dreaming start action

    yes books and alot of other things do have an impact on people…it is something serious…..