What are some tips on starting a business type thing in which i do odd jobs, ect. Im a 15 year old and i may talk to my friend about starting one together. How much should i charge?? What could I write on the flyers? What types of jobs should i do?? ectt… Im doing this becuz i am trying to save up for a car *getting license in august. and turning 16 in april.*


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    First of all establish what you want to do. Then write down some ideas with your buddy, then brainstorm how youre gonna turn those ideas into reality…. YOU WILL NEED CASH TO START ANYTHING.. regardless….
    good luck!

  2. get your self a lawm mower there is good money cuting gras you may have one at home if not they cheap you could charge $20.00 depend how big it is make flyers businnes cards talk to people around your house let them know what you planing on doing

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    You don’t need cash. You need a PLAN. If you have the drive to do it, and the time (sounds like you have some of that), you can become successful. Where MOST people fall apart (young and old alike) is what you do with the earnings. If you spend it all on a car and insurance, instead of REINVESTING in your business, you’ll be like 98% of everyone else in the world.
    Walk before you run (err, drive)

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