Are There Printing Companies That Will Donate Their Services To Non-profits?

I am a PR intern for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and my fellow interns and I are looking for printing companies that will donate their services. We are non-profit, so it’s tax deductible. I know it’s tough times financially these days, but any donations or discounts would go such a long way! Thanks in advance.


  1. If a company “donates” printing to your organization it might NOT be able to write off from tax the cost of the material, due to certain caps on “donations”; while instead if the company trow away in the garbage the same amount of material that is tax deductable as a miscellaneous cost.
    So STOP begging for stuff under the premises that you work for a non-profit and the abused and overused Tax write off line.
    Find donors willing to sponsor the job, and use that money to pay for the printing. Or find a printing company owner who believes in your cause and might be willing to give you a break.
    Now, your company is a pretty good company, you guys print a lot of stuff, why don’t you go to your regular printing company to whom you’ve paid a lot of money during the prior years and ask for a one-time break? Why now go to a printer whom has made no money from you before?
    Common sense will go a long way!

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    Such a well known organization must have a list of company sponsors. The correct way would be to submit a request, on the organizations letterhead including tax exempt number, to the large companies such as Staples and Office Depot.