Desktop Digital Ceramic Color Decal Printing/ photo transfer

caoguihong asked:

A preschool boy showing how to use ceramic toner to make professional colour ceramic decals on the desktop.


  1. Hope the boy can play this music in a few years.

    Cao guihong

  2. Thank you, the boy is in primary now, drawing comics everyday and dreaming public his own comic book someday.

    Don’t know if he is lucky to get a master artist helping him in improving his skills.

    Cao guihong

  3. The kiln in the video is specially designed for ceramic photo firing, we can finish a firing up to 850oC in half an hour without any firing defects in this process, for mug firing we use a deeper kiln.

    Cao Guihong

  4. hi,what kiln are you using to fire the mug?it seems on the video its a portable one…

  5. The little boy is very clever for his age!

    Not sure about the water and the electrics being so close!

  6. i remember this music from my primary school

  7. The web site is in the end of the video. Keep contact in email.

    Regards ,

    Cao guihong

  8. thejovens

    We are supplying ready to use ceramic printer for professional level users and ceramic toner cartridges for local laser printer for amature users. Will send you email for that.
    Cao guihong

  9. Hi, could you please email me your company details. What is your web site ??I lhave some trade questions I would like to ask you. Regards,

  10. How much cost this system? Can you mail me?!

  11. You can send us fax by +65-68467838 or contact us by email .

  12. How can i buy your system, i´m in brazil? There is a way to convert a regular printer to do this kind of decalc?

  13. Our process is for high fired, most for about 800 degree celsius , some for over 1200 degrees Celsius firing. The fired imaged are forever under the sun.

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  15. Some of our customers are doing so everyday.

  16. Can you fire BETWEEN two pieces of glass?
    Trying yo make memorials for family members that have passed on…

  17. Yes, we can use desktop inkjet printer for ceramic printing but we did not commercialize it.
    It’s much easier if yuo don’t need the image to be bake and made permenent. Spray acrylic works if you don’t need the image to be fired.

  18. can you use a desktop inkjet printer? can this be done somehow without having to bake it? what about spray acrylic over it to seal it?

  19. Do you mean you are trying to make the children’s pictures into ceramic decals or you need a such system to make them by yourself ? We developed the system and also the fuseable Direct transfer paper. send me email for the details.

  20. Can SOMEBODY help me????? I am trying to find out how to do this with a whole bunch of fish images painted by children from our school. I have scanned their pictures into my computer and am now ready to do just what this child is seen here doing! WHERE do I get the decal paper from and is this special inks and WHERE di I get it from???? PLEASE HELP!! Viv

  21. Chinese and China seem have so many connections to china and ceramics

  22. looks cool.

    but man… what’s with chinese people and richard clayderman? (my parents love that song, too. lol.)

  23. Sorry for not being a professional video maker.

    This is a innovation regarding digital cramic printing, you will know its value if you are in ceramic industry.

  24. OMG… This a sweatshop!!!!!!

  25. Normal office toner cannot be fired, but mine have no problem when fired.
    Normal paper also cannot be fired, they catch fire and ruin the image, my paper just gone and left the permenent image on the porcelain surface after fired. The images are forever under the sun. The paper/film can be fired up to 1400 oF or 800oC in a few minutes without firing defects.