How Do I Go A About Starting A Home Based Printing Business?

I would like to know how to get a license to run a printing business in my home?
Where can I rent/buy a printer? I live in NYC. I really prefer to buy a new one.
Previously I use to run a printing business making invitations, Church Programs for order of services, Banners, Stickers, Business Cards, Resumes, Funeral Programs, Resturant Brochures, and etc from scratch using Create-A-Card and Print Master.
Now the problem that I’m having is that the printers I use to own couldn’t perfrom everything I needed it to.
Now I currently own a Lexmark Printer and one Dell 962 printer. And they still can’t perform the tasks I need it to do. It takes forever to print.
Now I want to upgrade to a BIG Printer that can handle all of these tasks at a snap of a finger.
Someone please help, I want to get my business up and running before January 08′.
Thank You!!

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